Wonder where your parcel is? Ecom Express Tracking API is your rescuer

Ecom Express tracking API makes it easy for fast movement of goods.This is very important for shipping agents and sellers.It depends highly on how good the shipping software operates in the delineation and integration process. The focus lies in speedy and reliable delivery to nationwide e commerce industry.

Ecom Express API helps you to track your business shipments. You can understand precisely where your goods are so that you can inform your customers about its whereabouts. It gives clarity for your organization and helps you control the operation of ground transport.

Bulk movement of goods is always the ultimate goal of any end-to-end logistics solutions provider.

Ecommerce API for developers

  • API is the application programming interface in computer language. Ecom Express Tracking API is a web based system which allows the customer to get
  • Real time tracking information of the multiple carriers in one integration – Most up to date tracking data
  • Provide shipment tracking experience – All tracking data are standardized across carriers and will allow you to build consistent processes on platforms across multiple carriers. It is automated parcel API tracking.
  • Push notification of package update – Tracking web hook notifications.
  • Verify delivery before it is too late
  • Auto detects the courier in reference to tracking number format – Automated carrier identification.
  • Multi lingual API call – Displaying Ecom Expresstracking API updates in multiple languages and auto-convert them into the customer’s local time zone.
  • Onsite technical support
  • Comprehensive API docs

List of Package Status

  • Pending – It means new packages added which are pending to track.
  • Not found – It means there is no package tracking information available yet.
  • Transit – It means package has tracking info and is on the way to recipients’ address.
  • Pickup – It is also known as “Out for Delivery”. It means package has reached to the required destination and is about to be delivered or may be it is to be picked up at the local sort facility.
  • Delivered – It means package has been delivered successfully.
  • Undelivered – It is also known as “Failed Attempt”. It means failed delivery or unsuccessful package delivery attempt.
  • Exception – It means package returned to sender, package damaged, and receiver refused delivery or other exceptions.
  • Expired – It means package transported by Express Company has not been handed over in 30 days. Postal Services have not been done in 60 days.

Services offered

  • Order fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Quality check reverse logistics
  • International services
  • Network service
  • Fulfillment services
  • Value added services
  • Digital services

The Ecom express API gives a smooth pick-up and delivery of products from the partner’s websites to the end customers. The services available are pre-paid or collect on delivery. They ensure the ease of pick-up and return by ready to ship packaging with best capabilities. Door step quality check enables to help curb return related leakages. It is advantageous for online shopping consumers for return and replacement of products.

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