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Women and Flowers

Flowers and women have a very major relationship in between them that sometimes ignored creates problems and sometimes taken into consideration relieves a relationship from many problems. The woman – flower relationship has been taken into consideration from ages taking from the recent modern age to the medieval times of the kings. The kings used to develop very big gardens for the sake of pleasure of their queens. Flowers are the eternal symbols of love. In this modern era of technology, with mobiles and internet people have forgotten the significance of the flower.

If you are thinking of taking Flowers for your date on the first date, there can never be a wise decision than that. The flowers need not be expensive, but remember to take in a fresh bunch of flowers and it should not be red roses – Your date may feel a little uncomfortable. If you want to gift roses, you can take in a bunch of yellow roses. For flower varieties, it would be better if on the first date you would limit yourself to Tulips, Lilies, Asters, etc. Just pick up a fresh bunch of flowers and present it to her.

With increasing number of dates, when you feel that you are growing serious about her, just surprise her with a bunch of Orchids and you are directly going to land in her Good Diaries. But remember orchids are quite expensive but what does expensive have to do when you are going to filter into the mind of your beloved. Then who the hell cares about the money!

Now as I talked about flowers, don’t just pick up any bunch of flower for your date. Like don’t make a mistake of presenting a bunch of Poppy to your date as these Toko Bunga Lebak Bulus symbolizes death and that too at the beginning of a relationship. As I have already written about some flowers to be presented at which levels, let me give you a serial representation of which flowers are most suitable for which phase of relationship.

The first incarnation of love, I am going to talk about, is of course, the Red Rose. This red rose symbolizes love, longing and passion in the most clear-cut format possible. But remember, you should not give it at any moment of the relationship. It’s better to give at the moment of time when you think that you are ready for the relationship and are serious for it. Next comes the White Jasmine. This is the best way of showing affection in the public. If it fails for its looks, the exotic fragrance of these flowers would make by showing the love and care. Next in the line comes the Carnations which has different meanings for different colors. The white Carnations stand for chaste and pure love whereas the dark red one stands for meaningful love and admiration. The fourth one standing for love is Ambrosia. This flower stands for mutual love and adoration. There can’t be a better token than this for an engagement or after an acceptance of a proposal. Lastly, but one of the most important flower is the Orange Blossom which stands for ultimate fondness. This flower shows an everlasting love for the person and for genuine liking. This one should not be given for a casual date and if the affection is perfect it could be sent any day.

Almost 95% of the time we are confused about what we should do in our first date with an excellent woman. I hope that the little bit of information provided above would increase a little bit of confidence of yours on what flowers should you gift in your first date and more possibly afterwards too.

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