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Will my home insurance company pay for storm roof damage in Milford, CT?

The severe storms will cause significant material damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles, but do insurers always take care of them? Several factors influence this response – the type of contract, the previous state of the damaged goods, the virulence of the storm, the ownership of the objects that have caused the damage directly (such as a fence or a fallen tree), etc. So, what are the ways?

Document the damage your home suffered – The expert report will help you to get your claims. And do it before cleaning and removing debris, fallen trees, etc. Take photos and videos of everything you see and attach them to a detailed list of damaged objects and structural damage to the home. Find your insurance policy and read it carefully to know what it covers and what it doesn’t. If possible call the Storm Damage Restoration in Milford, CT professionals for a complete survey.

Make sure your rights before making the claim – After a natural disaster, insurance companies receive many calls and it could be difficult to serve so many clients in such a short time. Even if you are able to receive assistance by phone, send your request by email, fax and regular mail. Taking the necessary precautions, staying alert and knowledgeable helps to avoid the unfortunate accidents that can occur after a natural disaster. And, don’t forget that an insurance policy that gives you adequate coverage in the event of a natural disaster will help your finances not be damaged.

What about the wind damage?

In the summer storms, one of the most frequent damages that the houses suffer is in the awnings. If the inhabitants of the house are not there when the storm breaks loose and the awnings are deployed, it is common for them to break due to the onslaught of the wind. To check if the insurer must pay the awning repair, the first thing is to go to the home insurance clauses. 

Shattered by the rain

Another of the most frequent damages caused by storms are flooding in commercial low, storage rooms and low houses, and damages caused by rain leaks. In these cases, the person responsible for taking care of the expenses will depend on where the water comes from. If water enters from top to bottom, through roofs, roofs, terraces, the insurance company must be claimed. The client can ask for compensation for the damages caused, the cost of the repair of the house and the replacement of the goods that have been damaged. 

Fallen trees during storms

The responsibility for paying the damages caused by the fall of trees or building elements due to a storm will depend on the owner, but normally the insurer will be responsible for the management of the accident. In the event that a tree located on a sidewalk has broken off and when a car has been destroyed, the company will be responsible for paying for its repair, unless it has the minimum coverage – third party insurance.


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