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What’s the Best Bike for You: Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 vs Hero Xtreme 200R

Are you looking for the best deals when it comes to 200 cc bikes? Wondering which bike would be the top performer in this segment? Well, we’ll clear your confusion. Here, we will go through what the best bikes in the 200 cc category in India have to offer. Read on.

If you are looking for the best 200 cc bike in India, here are some factors you need to consider:

Price and Specifications

A recent addition to the 200 cc segment in India is the Hero Xtreme 200R with a price tag of Rs. 89,900, ex-showroom Dehli. The two main players in the 200 cc segment have been Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and TVS Apache RTR 200. 

Xtreme 200 scores over the competition in terms of pricing and servicing. At Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 97,340 the Pulsar and Apache respectively are both costlier than the Xtreme 200R. 

The Apache comes with a 2-channel ABS, which means it controls braking on both wheels as opposed to the Pulsar and Xtreme which have single-channel ABS controlling the front wheel. A 2-channel ABS means that you have better control and overall stability.

When it comes to style, the Pulsar has an aggressive look though the front headlight and tail design is not very sleek. The RTR 200 is also very detailed in its styling. The Xtreme 200R is like a regular bike with a simple front fascia and sporty styled rear.


If you are interested in power, the Pulsar offers more power at 23.17 Bhp compared to 20.23 Bhp offered by the Apache and 18.1 Bhp offered by Xtreme 200R. The Pulsar has a top speed of 136 kmph compared to 112 kmph for the Xtreme and 128 kmph for the Apache RTR. When it comes to the 0-60 test, the Pulsar finishes way ahead at 3.87 seconds compared to the Apache’s 3.95 seconds and Xtreme’s 4.6 seconds.

The Pulsar is liquid-cooled, which means that the temperature of the bike is controlled better and your bike is able to handle warmer climates better.

The Xtreme 200R gives you 39.9 litres as mileage, so it is not meant for speed. The Apache RTR is known for its quality riding experience, and the Xtreme will try to compete with the Apache RTR in this area.

With almost identical tyre width, all three bikes give you a good road grip.

Segment Upgrade 

The Hero Xtreme 200R was introduced to offer an option to the biker looking for a premium bike in the 150cc segment. The biker gets an additional 50 cc segment for the same price. 

If you are looking for savings in terms of fuel, then the Xtreme 200R would be the right choice considering it has a mileage of 39.9 kmpl. However, if you are looking for speed, the Apache RTR 200 and the Pulsar NS 200 should be considered with speeds of 128 kmph and 136 kmph respectively.

The Pulsar, Apache, or Xtreme: What Will It Be for You?

Now that you know what each bike offers, you must have made your decision. Owing any bike is absolutely simple with competitive bike loan interest from Bajaj Auto Finance. Easy repayment terms and loans to suit your budget are some great reasons to choose from the Pulsar, Apache, or Xtreme.

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