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What’s in Your Beer? Know Your Beer Ingredients

Have you ever wondered what is in that amazing, smooth and beautiful glass of beer that you are holding during parties and events? What is it made of and what might be the beer malting ingredients? Usually, different kinds of beer are made of different ingredients depending on the flavors. Also, the taste of the beer varies according to the brewing process as well. That is why a well-brewed beer tastes totally exquisite and unique. However, some of the basic ingredients often remain the same across all beers in the world. For all those curious people out there wondering about the magical ingredients in their favorite beer, here is something that they shouldn’t miss reading:

Water is the most basic and the number one ingredient used for preparing beer. It usually is responsible for the kind of texture the beer gets – soft or rough. Some of the famous beers brewed with water of that particular region end up tasting either smooth or rough or somewhere in between the two depending on the type and taste of water used in the brewing process. As the general theory goes, choose beer than water; after all, they have the same basic ingredients.

Barley or Any Other Grain
Barley or any other grain like wheat or rye used in the beer is basically one of the key beer malting ingredients. Barley is usually processed and fermented into beer malt through a natural process called malting. The grains are soaked in water to allow to ferment and undergo the malting process in the right way. Basically, the malt produced is the main ingredient of alcohol. Not just that, it gives the beer the intended flavor and aroma as well! In many other types of beers, wheat or rye are also used as the basis for malting. They have their own texture, thickness and taste, which they produce when brewed with the right ingredients. But largely, barley is the grain behind most of the common beers!

Yeast is one of the key elements, which aids hugely in the fermenting process. The type of yeast used varies with the type of beer intended to be brewed. Depending on the process preferred, the type of yeast is selected to bring about the right fermentation in the brew. The first type is the top-fermenting yeast, which is used to allow the brew to rise to the surface, usually used to brew wheat and other specific kinds of beers. The second type of beer is the bottom fermenting yeast. Some of the world-famous beers use this type of yeast for the fermenting process. The third kind is the yeast used for spontaneous fermentation. Here, the beer is left open for the fermentation and is naturally fermented.

Hops are the catalysts in the whole process, which do the wonderful job of balancing out the sweet and bitter taste in the beer. Mostly, they give the required amount of bitterness to the beer brew and allow the balance of different kinds of tastes in the beer. They are also known to improve the flavor in the beers bringing about that pungent taste, which separates good beers from great beers! As tiny as they may be, hops are still one of the most important beer-malting ingredients.

Beer malting that is done in the right way and process can bring wonders to the tastes of the brewed beer. Many local breweries these days are on point with their tastes and flavors giving tough competition to many world-famous beers as well. Although it depends on each person’s taste and the style of brewing, the basic beer malting ingredients remain the same across all varieties of beers. The way the beers are processed and the correct amounts of ingredients used make some of the beers to be premium and unique to taste!

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