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What ways are there to tie a scarf

Scarves can be tied in countless ways. Each way has its own charm and benefits. Below you will find some examples of knotting techniques.

The classic technique:

Roll up a square scarf. Wrap the elongated scarf that emerged around the neck and tie a nice knot in it. The result is very simple and yet classy. We know this technique looks amazing and suit the formal dresses.

Triangle with knot at the front:

Fold the scarf in half once in a triangle. Put it around the neck with the point in front. Tie the other two ends in a small knot at the front. This knotting technique is especially suitable for small scarves. This way of tying a scarf emphasizes the upper body. The more loosely the scarf is tied, the rounder your face appears. This way of knotting is therefore very suitable for women with a long and narrow face.

Triangle with a knot on the side:

You get a more playful effect with the same wrapping technique but now you have to wrap the scarf around your neck so that the knot does not point to the front but to the side. You can determine where the node ends up. An asymmetrical tying technique is perfect for women with a long neck.

Triangle at the knot with loose, knotted ends:

You can only apply this technique with a large, square scarf. Fold the scarf in a triangle. Fold the long piece a few times until the triangle has the dimensions you want. Tie a knot in each end. Lay the scarf around your neck with the triangle and the ends in front. When you tie a scarf this way, you make your breast look a little bigger.

This is just a small selection of the various knotting techniques for scarves. Of course, ladies who have a bit of imagination can also develop their own techniques. A wholesale cashmere scarf may be especially useful in the winter, even summer outfits can only benefit from it. As long as you go for the right fabric, color and model, a scarf will only bring out the character of your clothing better. Pastel colors, fine fabrics such as velvet and satin and colorful patterns such as flowers are all elements that you want to find in a summer scarf. Match your choice with the rest of your outfit and it will undoubtedly make it more beautiful.

This way you can even wear a scarf on summer dresses. If you are a modern woman who likes to wear bright colors and feels comfortable in her clothes, then a scarf is the perfect way to make her look more classy. For example, a light pink dress goes perfectly with a pastel-colored scarf in matching fabric, while on modern pants you can wear a slightly more chic model to complete the look. Or why not opt for a summer beach scarf from scarf manufacturers that you can wear over yourself?

During the summer you especially want to feel good in your outfit and that makes a scarf easy. The possibilities are almost endless and whatever the style, occasion or temperature, scarves offer added value to your outfit.


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