There are many useful deck building tips out there. But perhaps, the most useful is the simplest tip of all: Hire a contractor to do the work for you. Too many homeowners will attempt to do the work themselves or bring on one of the less skilled deck contractors shoreline all in a bid to save money on the project.

Here’s something you should know, don’t build the deck unless you really, truly have the budget for it. Trying to mount a home improvement project of this size by cutting corners and skimping where it counts is something that is only going to end poorly.

So for those of you who are planning on building a deck, and have decided to do this the right way first and hire a professional, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when seeking out the best deck builder for your job.


This is one of the best ways to find the right contractor, get a referral from someone you know who had a deck put in. If you like their deck, ask them who did the work. Getting these recommendations already puts you ahead of the game because you’ve seen the kind of work the contractor is capable of delivering and now you can find out how easy or difficult the process was for getting that great deck installed.

Online Research

What Should Homeowners Look For In A Deck Builder

This is also a valuable method for finding out the information you need on a deck builder, but just be sure to take what you find with a grain of salt and that goes for both the good and the bad. Checking with official online resources like the Better Business Bureau can get you the background information you want, but don’t fall for all of those reviews you might come across as they could be deceiving and some might have been solicited and paid for by the contractor.

Speak Directly with the Candidates

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Once you have a few builders in mind, you can arrange to talk to them both over the phone and in person to discuss the type of deck you want to build and to get some indication as to whether or not you feel comfortable with the individual. You will get a sense of whether or not you have a good vibe with the candidate and decide if this is someone you want to bring on to do the work.

Be Inquisitive

The first thing you want to ask is whether or not you are dealing with a licensed contractor. Hiring anyone who does not is putting you and your deck at risk. Simple as that. You must also be sure that the contractor has sufficient and valid liability insurance. From there, you can discuss everything pertinent to the job from whether the contractor is going to be involved in the design of the deck to whether or not they have experience with the materials being used to build the deck to the use of subcontractors and the hourly schedule everyone will be expected to work on the job.

Cover everything ahead of time so there are no surprises once the work begins.

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