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What Is The Significance Of E-Aadhaar?

In an emerging technology, e-aadhaarplays a prominent role in India. The unique ID development authority India will develop this card to everyone. In this section, we are going to obtain some knowledge about e aadhaar password and its benefits.

Why we need a password for downloading this document?

Once enrolled your details of the card from the centers. You can access this using the enrollment Id, virtual ID, or digit which will be given by the UIDAI. During this process, your particulars are protected by a password. It has eight characters of a letter, that is used to protect your pass and personal data for security reasons. This one is achieved by a combination of the first four letters of your name in capital and year of your birth. Through this, you can download the form online, which means you can open it only by entering a valid password.

What are the features of this card?

Uniqueness: This one is achieved from the process of demographic and biometric de-duplication. This info is collected during the process of enrolment. The UIDAI database having your entire facts such as a residential address, name, mobile number, other personal details and so on. Hence, anyone can not duplicate your database without your knowledge.

Random number: It has a unique 12 digit to recognize your identification. This is generated from the random number devoid of intelligence. And it doesn’t capture details like caste, religion and other particulars of the individuals.

Portability: Moreover, it gives nationwide portability and authenticated from wherever you can handle it more efficiently. Many Indians migrate are need to move from one state to another, which will more useful to identify where you are.

Scalable architecture: UID creates advanced things for everyone to ease of use. Residential data are stored centrally and you can access them online from anywhere in the country. It can handle 100 million authentications per day.

Open-source technologies: This architecture is not dependent on a specific computer, storage or specific database vendor. While using the open technologies and structure will address the scalability of the request.

Do you the benefits of having this card?

In every sector, all will access your details through this. If you are applying a passport to go for aboard, without obtaining information about unique identifications this can not be done. In the case of claiming provident fund, getting PAN number, LPG subsidy, pension, and many more things are achieved with the help of this card. You can open a bank account within a few minutes and need not submit multiple identity proofs to the banking sectors. Eventually, these things can be attained from a valid e aadhaar password. Hence, make a secure code word to your documents.

How to check the status of your card online?

  • You should visit the official website.
  • Then, start entering the enrolment ID along with date and time as per dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • Now, type the security code for captcha verification
  • Finally, your appropriate status at ‘check status’.


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