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What is the importance of Pest Control in Hospitals?

Pest control in a hospital is not an easy task as it is a place that is constantly on the go, utilizing various resources that cannot be contaminated or damaged in the process of eliminating infestations. Patients, often extremely fragile, and therefore more likely to get some kind of infection. This is why it is important to hire only the professional Pest Control Service in Denton, TX.

It is important to differentiate between an episodic occurrence and a pest infestation itself. The first occurs when the pest finds the ease of access, and enters the environment, but does not find favorable conditions for its development, and ends up dying or simply leaving the environment. Already in an infestation, the pest has access to the areas, and there find suitable conditions to develop. These are the conditions necessary for the survival of every living organism – food, water, and shelter. 

Why it is important?

Any pest has the potential to infest any environment that provides the optimum conditions for its survival. It is correct to say that pests are opportunistic and that their installation in any environment is linked only to the biological need for survival, and perpetuation of their species. The pests that infest hospitals are the same as those that occur in other buildings. They are – cockroaches, mice, ants, flies, fleas, etc. The main problem of the presence of these animals in a clinical space is the fact that they are mechanical and/or biological spreading agents of infectious diseases caused by protozoa, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, besides impairing the sterilization conditions of equipment and environments.

The presence of these animals in a hospital environment may compromise the image of the institution since it is in the public domain the concept that a designated place for the treatment of the sick should be properly sanitized. Although the biggest problem with pests is the issue of contamination, and all that entails. It is worth noting that there is a possibility of insects infiltrating electrical installations and causing damage to equipment or even a short circuit. Attention is required as most hospital and clinic equipment is powered by electrical power sources.

Is the infestation internal or external?

The incidence of pests depends not only on the hygiene, and cleanliness of the site but also on its location and maintenance. A hospital located on the banks of a river where sewage is frequently discharged, or even near industrial facilities, may have adequate sanitation on its premises. However, if its neighbors do not necessarily follow the same principles, they will eventually cause the migration of rats, cockroaches, and other pests.

It is important that large hospitals have a differentiated staff assigned to this function. Every day, it is important to have a pest controller in the hospital trained, and oriented to perform preventive actions. Currently, the most modern approach to pest control in healthcare facilities is Integrated Pest Control. It is an approach based on the management of pest occurrences, and their use as environmental indicators.



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