What is CRO? How Can It Be Used in Digital Marketing?

CRO refers to conversion rate optimization. It is a technique used to improve the number of prospects and leads a business has into becoming customers. Any digital marketing campaign that seeks to gain success over a long period of time has to make best use of the audience coming to its platform.

In a digital marketing space where there is a dire need for efficiency, CRO can help improve the sales growth and profits by inducing greater conversion rates. Since CRO as a practise is aimed solely at optimizing the rate of conversion, it is used in both SEO and SEM campaigns to ensure greater number of overall conversions.

To meet any type of goal, from sales to lead generation or branding, a brand must subscribe to basic CRO norms. Many marketers in fact work as CRO specialists with an eye for improving the number of conversions.

There is an obvious need and a yearning to learn CRO in the general marketing space, stretching from conventional marketing to digital platforms. In this article, we will discuss key basic CRO tips marketers must consider while running their respective digital marketing campaign.

Include CTAs within Content

One of the first lesson one should learn on CRO is to always include an engaging and effective CTA within the content. This is especially important for blog content where a user can be guided directly to the money page.

The money page refers to the page where the marketer wants a prospect to be. This page usually contains a product or service described in detail. In case the goal of a campaign is lead generation, there is no need for a separate money page. An enquiry form itself is enough to meet the objective.

Optimize Landing Page

Perhaps the most important part of a SEM campaign, a landing page plays an important role in improving conversions.

Landing page has an important role to play in improving the conversion rate of a campaign. Even while setting the ad ranking, Google takes into account the quality of the landing page, evaluating factors like page speed, content, and so on.

A simple way to build the best possible landing page is running cutting edge A/B tests. These tests allow marketers to test different versions of the same landing page.

Use Most Trafficked Page to Benefit

Every blog or website has a certain page that gets a high volume of traffic. It is thus vital that marketers use these pages to their advantage and put the incoming traffic to use. Simply by including key CTA messages on a highly trafficked page, marketers can increase conversions by the rule of numbers.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the basics of CRO and how it can be used to improve conversions.

About the Author –DeepaliSaxena is a well-known marketer and writer with a special interest in the field of social media. She currently writes for DelhiCourses.in, a well-known institute for studying a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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