VPS hosting as the lamppost of digital transformation in India

The road of digital transformation in India is rather less traveled. Digital transformation is not all about experimenting with digital dividends alone. It is also about addressing the digital footprint and outreach of various businesses in India. The basic question, which arises here, is whether we are ready to address the basic concerns, which hurdle the full-throttle unleashing of digital businesses in India. If you are wondering what is it that interrupts the digital inclusion of people in businesses in India, the answer would probably lie in the cost-benefit analysis and this is what makes the people in general and businesses in particular to shy away from investing in digital infrastructure. It can never be negated that hosting services are indeed the lamppost of digital transformation in India.

Let us take it up from scratch!

What is VPS?

VPS stands for a virtual private server. As the name signifies, an internet hosting company may put on sale an imaginary or virtual machine. It may often be equated to a dedicated server and serves almost all functions that may be executed by a dedicated physical server. This may range from installing software to changing the configuration. Moreover, they come at a very low price, which has increased their popularity.

What is VPS hosting all about?

With the concepts about virtual private server understood, we can now move on to VPS hosting. To put it in brief VPS hosting refers to the outsourcing of hosting services for a website to a company that provides a complete web hosting service model to the businesses. As such, it is worthwhile to mention that the VPS hosting services also provide end-to-end security thereby ensuring that the privacy of applications is not compromised. The VPS hosting company also provides a part of the server hard drive, memory, CPU etc to the clients. In addition to this, the responsibility of server maintenance also falls on the hosting company. For instance, windows VPS hosting and cheap Linux VPS hosting are tailor-made to cater to the needs of the client.

What are the advantages associated with VPS hosting?

  • It enables you to run various types of operating systems.
  • It devoid you of the burden of managing server related technicalities as the service provider takes up this responsibility.
  • It provides you with a cheap server hosting service which includes cheap windows VPS or cheap Linux VPS.
  • Privacy for the website and all the other related applications gets the first priority.


Is cheap Linux VPS hosting ideal for small businesses to transform digitally?

Cheap Linux VPS hosting services form the ready to consume option for the businesses, which lack the requisite indigenous infrastructure and technical capabilities. As such, the hosting services give the desired option to select desired hardware configurations. This may actually enable businesses to concentrate on other aspects while leaving the responsibility of server management to the host.

Triggering Digital Transformation


Virtualization can act as a straight path to trigger digital transformation. VPS hosting comes under the domain of virtualization. Using a single physical server, hosting services can be provided to numerous business outlets. As the market of VPS hosting services picks up, both hosting companies and clients are slated to grow in length and breadth. This would mean that the focus of the businesses and other startups is shifting to the amount of traffic on their websites. An increased amount of traffic means an increased amount of customers showing engagement with that particular business. This would create revenue online and show to other digitally untouched businesses the road of digital transformation.

Technological outlook

The providers of the hosting services are equipped with state of the art infrastructural facilities. A little glimpse of these include examples of dual power supplies and power generators. Not only this, recovery solutions, surveillance and an expert team are all times ready to execute this state of the art technological setup.

The cost factor

With the concepts, features, and advantages associated with VPS hosting explained in detail, you might be imagining that the services would come at a hefty cost. Nevertheless, you would be amazed to know that the cost of this technological set up may range from one to two thousand INR with no hidden costs.

The final push

If such a state of the art technology comes at such a small price, it is but natural to imagine what keeps the businesses across the country from adopting such services. The answer to this question would probably lie in the final push. This final push refers to a lack of zeal of the companies to tap the unexploited potential of their businesses.



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