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Types of wild truffles that are harvested in Bulgaria

Here are some types of truffles that have soil in our country:

Tester “Aestivum” is summer truffle, which is located in Bulgaria. Unlike the winter species, the summer Bulgarian truffle ranks first among the top, along with the Italian and French truffles.

Tube “Brumale” is a black truffle distributed in many countries in our climate zone. In Bulgaria it is very common, there are habitats everywhere: in Stara Planina, Sredna Gora, the Rhodopes, in Strandzha and others. Most suitable are mixed forests of Oak and Hornbeam, Oak and Hazel, Walnut and Hazel and other similar combinations of the main tree species. He has black warts from outside, almost round shape. No large sized specimens were found, most attained to the size of an egg. Its heart is gray or brown, with large marble patterns. It has a nutty flavor, qualitative and is relatively resistant to temperature changes.

 Tunic “Uncinatum” is the second type of winter truffle in Bulgaria. In Italy, this variety is considered to be autumn. But in our country this is the second largest winter truffle, which is in the mild winters from September to March. It is spread in fewer areas, but there are good quantities.

Maggotum Tube is white truffle – the king of all truffles and, perhaps, the most expensive food in the world. Their aroma is extremely loud, almost compelling. Even only a small white truffle is able to aromatize your entire room. Very rare and difficult to find, if one has found where the truffles of this species are, then he will never release his secret.

Melanosporm Tube is a black truffle, whose season starts at the end of September and ends at the end of winter. Extremely high quality and aromatic. It is rare in Bulgaria, our climate is cooler than the one in which Tuber Melanosporuma grows

The Borki Tube is a white truffle, the outer surface is smooth and the color can vary between white and orange in the dark. The inner part is brown with white veins. The smell is strong and pleasant and resembles garlic.



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