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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the common word used nowadays for any website to increase its visibility in the digital world. For successful internet marketing, knowledge of SEO practices is very vital. Now we need trained professionals in this area. But what exactly is SEO? That would be a major question for every person who is ignorant of this field. Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of generating traffic to your website by using relevant keywords.


Keywords are those words which help us to reach our results faster.SEO differs from Local Search Engine Optimization as the former has more national and international visibility while the latter is more localized.SEO studies consumer behavior, their likes, and dislikes and shows content relevant to that. It also adds and edits content, changes the HTML, codes associated with it, etc. It also promotes a website by using several ways.

History of SEO

When did it exactly SEO come into practice? It is believed that the term SEO was introduced in the year 1997. As the popularity of SEO service in Panchkula increased, there were also a black hat and white hat programmers who used the SEO in their way to interpret the search results. As a result of this manipulation, search engine programmers rewrote their programs in such a way so that they were not able to manipulate their ranking. One of the ways they did that was to insert unwarranted keywords to increase their traffic to their websites. As a result of this search engines had to tweak their pages to show the most relevant results rather than unwanted ones.

Methods of SEO

Now, what are the methods of using SEO? One method is Indexing. Indexing uses crawlers to find out which website generates more traffic. So those websites are shown at the top of the list. Next method would be Preventing Crawling where the algorithm provides a list of websites or pages that are not supposed to be searched or shown in the search list. One of the main ways would be to increase the prominence of the website. Adding content or updating, more relevant keywords, URL linking are some of the ways that can be used to increase traffic to your website. SEO does exactly that.

SEO Services are of two types. One type would be who confirm to the design set down for ethical purposes. The other would be who use illegal practices to promote their website.  They are called White Hat and Black Hat Practitioners. Another method is the Grey Hat, which is a cross between white hat and black hat.

SEO service in Amritsar cannot be used as a marketing strategy as it differs for every website. There are far better options for promoting your website traffic. But there is a downside to this that it may not generate enough revenue. A business cannot grow based only website traffic as the algorithms are subject to change. Optimization, on the whole, is mainly beneficial for large websites. It translates into market share for the same. For a search engine to grow in leaps and bounds, they require a fair knowledge of the local language, a top domain name, and a localized IP address.

Based on the above facts, it’s safe to say that SEO has not only simplified our search results but provided us with more scope for growth.

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