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Top four reasons why you should enroll in AI online course

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence like learning and problem solving. The field of AI has advanced to extraordinary levels today.

There are several innovative AI powered machines that we use daily, constantly enriching our digital experience. Owing to its potential, AI has been embraced by many business enterprises today and given the rise of digitalization, AI has become imperative for any organization.


This has led to the perfect time for building a career in AI and here are the top reasons why you should pursue a reputed course in AI:


  • Rapid rise in AI implementation
    Tasks like automation, data analytics and smart BI solutions are not possible without AI and thus, many companies are investing a substantial amount of resources on the recruitment and development of experts in AI.

    This is showcased by the fact that recently many AI companies and tech startups were acquired by leading business firms. Examples- Paytm acquired CUBE26, OYO acquired Ableplus, Amazon acquired Tapzo and Google acquired Sigmoid Analytics (All acquisitions in 2018)

  • Huge Demand
    A recent Indeed report suggests that there has been a 100% increase in the demand of AI professionals from 2015 to 2018.


In India itself there are about 50,000 data science and AI related jobs lying vacant in India(according to an industry report cited by the Economic Times).


  • Secure your Future

    A report by pewresearch.com cites 48% experts claiming that AI will replace most of the Blue and White collar jobs in the near future.

Bruegel.org reports that around 54% of EU jobs are at risk of computerization.

The trend is similar in India too, given the constant promotion of digital technologies by the government and the rise of digital industries like e-commerce and digital services.


  • Hefty salary package

Glassdoor, a leading global job listing site, estimates that average annual pay package of AI experts is around 111K USD.

Paisa, another job listing site estimates that an artificial intelligence engineer earns 171K USD annually at an average with the payscale of experienced professionals going upto 257K USD.


LiveMint reports that in India the median salary for AI professionals is Rs 14.3 lakh per annum.



Thus, it can be rightly said that currently AI is one of the most lucrative career fields. Moreover, acquiring AI skills is fairly easy today as there are many flexible courses you can pursue even in India. A good Artificial Intelligence online course also will let you gain proficiency in AI in no time and is one of the most popular options today as with an Artificial Intelligence online course you will not have to leave your current occupation or studies.



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