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Tips On What Type of Glass Repair You Need

Anything made out of glass has one guarantee unless mentioned otherwise, they crack! l. There can be innumerable types of glass damages depending on the object in question but the most common type of glass damage that requires the most amount of maintenance, are windshields.

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Modern-day windshields are mostly all manufactured with a safety glass which is laminated with two sheets of curved glass around a plastic center. Although the entire glass can shatter if met with enough force, in which case you would need to completely replace the windshield, but small damages are the ones that grab the most attention. Minor damages are mostly chips and cracks – a chip being a point of impact on the glass while cracks resemble as distinct lines of separation in the glass. Chips are mostly start shaped or spherical whereas cracks are mostly lines that can be horizontal all vertical.

Is it possible to make Glass Repairs?

Commercial glass repair mostly applies to windshields, since it is made out of the laminated glass. Otherwise normal singles sided tempered glass needs to be completely replaced. Repairing your windshield depends entirely on three factors, size, depth and location of the damage. If the damage is much deeper and has extended to the other outer reach, then the glass would require complete replacement. The larger the size of the frame in contrast to the damage, the easier it becomes to repair the crack. Furthermore, the size and depth of the crack/chip’s penetration into the glass counts as a big factor. If the damage has penetrated too deep then it will surely mean that the glass would break if repairs are made. In case the damage takes place in the outer ridge of the frame then the structural integrity of the glass will be down to 60 % and it is recommended for the safety of the driver that the frame be changed.

Types of services for windshield glass repair:

We all know that there is literally a ton of ways your windshield could retain damage. A rock could hit against your glass, there could be a tree fall or the good old fashioned robbery. In case your windshield has retained minor damages like chips and cracks then there are certain services you can resort to.

  • Windshield Patch: The simplest method, using a patch on your glass does not mean repairing the damage. It only means holding the glass in place. In order to use a patch, you cut the patch down to the size of the crack or chip and after removing foil straighten over the area. Wait for it to harden. The hardened patch then strengthens the hold over the damaged glass.
  • Windshield Resin: Resin is an effective means of repairing windshields and is mostly used by professionals. Resin is injected into the chip or crack of the damaged area and a heat source is applied. This causes the resin to harden over the damaged area sealing off the crack or chip. The resin expands into the space of the damage and strengthens the area on the glass preventing further spread.
  • Replacement: Your last option would be to repair your windshield entirely. If a chip is larger than the size of a dollar the there is no use in repairing it or if a crack as extended to the outer ridge in which case it must be replaced.

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A chip or crack, irrespective of its size, should be repaired as soon as possible since the damage can spread quite instantly due to constant wear and tear. It is always wise, although expensive; to have a windshield replaced is too much damage is visible.




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