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Tips for Sending Flowers That Deliver Confidence

It’s easy to pick out a bouquet of flowers that speaks romance and passion, but what about a bouquet that gives someone special a healthy dose of confidence? Flowers are perfectly capable of inspiring emotions well beyond romance. You just need to know which flowers and flower colors give what you need to send.

Go Bright

If you want to send confidence to someone facing a big day ahead, go with bright colors. Deep red roses are perfect for saying “I love you” but they are too dark to really send the “You’ll do awesome” message.

Yellow is a great color for inspiring confidence. You can go with bright sunflowers or a creamy soft yellow rose blended with other yellow and white tones. Mixed flower bouquets that utilize a basic theme of yellow flowers can also work well.

Orange and bright pink can also be used to convey the enthusiasm of the message and cheer them on the finish line.

Exciting Shapes

The shape of the Toko Bunga 24 Jam chosen may also affect the message delivered with your bouquet. A bouquet of multi-colored gerbera daisies is a great way to send well wishes and inspire confidence in that special someone on their special day. Gerbera daisies have a great shape with finger-like petals that hug close together. They look like little hands waving hello and they come in such bright colors that their recipient can’t help but smile and feel better.

Stargazer lilies are also unusual shapes that can inspire confidence. They are larger than life and open up in a very powerful way. They blushed pink centers of each petal really stand out and can inspire confidence quite easily.

Make a Statement

If you want to send something that really stands out and inspires big time, go for orchids. All you need is a nice sized collection of purple dendrobium orchids to really make a bold impression. They seem to stand out of the vase and take a very interesting form as a group. This will grab attention just as you want your loved one to have the confidence to step out and grab attention at their big event.

When combined with the properly worded message, orchids can really inspire confidence and bold action for someone you love.

Deliver Method

How you deliver the flowers is just as important as the type of flowers you select. Choose the right bouquet then have them sent at the best time and to the best place to make the right statement.

For instance, if you are wishing someone good luck before their first ballet recital you may hand them over just as they are going on stage. Give them enough time to absorb them and smell them, then send them off stage with confidence that you believe in them.

If you want to give confidence to your child as they head off to the college dorm life for the first time, have the flowers delivered to their dorm room so they are waiting when they get there. This is much more effective then giving them before their departure and making them carry them all the way to the dorm.

Selecting flowers that give confidence and celebration is not too difficult. Just think of bright colors, interesting shapes and perfect delivery timing.



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