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Tips For Picking Wall Art For Your Space

There is no right or wrong regarding what type of art you show in your home. At the end of the day what looks good to you is what is most important. When the time comes for you to bring some personality into your residence, below are some ideas to assist you in picking out the artwork that best fits your style, as well as how to design them.

Get creative

Try choosing artwork of different shades and colours, so long as they can be incorporated with the colour scheme of your space. You need not limit yourself to just paints or canvases either. You can also choose to feature photos, word art, pop art or vintage pieces like old posters that catches your eye.

Construct an atmosphere

If you wish to add a sense of calm to your bedroom look to photos or artwork that have that effect on you normally. Maybe you want to inject an uplifting vibe to your workplace? Look to items that motivate or encourage you. Whatever you select make sure it makes you feel good in your home or room.

Create a feature wall

Also known as an accent wall that gives your space a distinguished focal point. You may desire a tight geometric plan that can give your room an organized and also gathered really feeling or one that is much more free flowing as well as natural. Whatever it is, you can experiment by organizing your art items on the floor to see exactly how they would appear on the wall.

Experiment with frames

Variety is definitely what makes life interesting! Blending and matching art frames can be an innovative method to provide your space with that lovely well-rounded ambiance that will certainly be distinctive area in your house or space. Frames can be matte, glossy, metal, wood, mirrored or different shades. To know more about frames, do consult professionals that provide framing services in Singapore.

Play with colours

There is a huge difference between the colour schemes of a space versus the colour palettes of art? With art, there is even more allocation for using vibrant colour scheme or the bright colours you may only reserve for an accent wall surface. When it comes to picking your wall art by colour, include art to your space that incorporates colours already existing in the area.

All in all, the process of choosing artwork for your home is an interesting one, where you get to learn more about yourself and the world of art and designing. The most important thing is to not rush into any decisions without prior considerations, in order to bring home a purchase that you are truly satisfied with.


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