Are you planning to buy a car sufficing your needs? This might sound to be a simple question, but it is easy to be influenced by impractical solutions when you are planning to purchase a new car. You have to prioritize your needs as it is speed or pace that is important? No point to touch based with a sell used car in Dubai agent when you have to ferry 4 people and end up opting for a sports car. In fact, you need to make your buy or selling experience as easy as it can get.

New or used car

Nothing can match up with the smell of a new car. The thrill of driving in a new car stands nothing in comparison but that comes at a price. The moment you drive a car from the dealer you have to be aware of one-word depreciation. Nearly 20 % of the value of the car goes down. Cars are known to depreciate considerably in the first 2 to 3 years. This is the price that you have to pay for being the first owner and comes into prominence when you sell car in Dubai.

The new cars have an assurance of a warranty back in case anything goes wrong with the car. They do not have to bear the brunt of a huge bill. Even if you buy a used car you are going to avail a warranty but it is not going to be as a new car. The private buyers are not going to provide you with any warranty at all.

In buying a used car it is a better option to sitting behind the wheel than a new one. But still a risk exists when you end up purchasing a used car as you might not be aware on how the owner has maintained it in the first place.

Petrol or diesel

The petrol along with diesel do have their own pros along with cons. In fact, the gap is narrowing down so you can choose one as per your needs. The diesel engines tend to be a bit noisy at first, but the latest ones are as refined as the noisy ones. Even in a number of high performance vehicles diesel engines have been fitted. As they are known to emit less degree of carbon dioxide, so better in terms of pollution. But diesel engines emit particles that can pave way for smog formation. Increasingly diesel engines are fitted with filters but this is not at an increased level in the last few years.

On the other hand, petrol engines are cleaner and a lot more economical. The performance oriented drivers still opt for petrol engines. If you are keen to travel long distances, then still diesel engines would be an apt choice. Diesel is cost effective as the price is cheaper than petrol. At a particular litre diesel is known to travel more distance as compared to the petrol counterparts. If the annual mileage is less opt for petrol.


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