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The World’s Top 8 Worst Smelling Flowers

Flowers are considered to be the most soothing part of nature. They boast beauty and elegance but hold your nose because not all flowers smell good. Some of them may look delightful, but you will undoubtedly keep your nose closed when you come close to them because a few flowers stink to entice pollinating bugs like carrion flies. This is to draw the attention of pollinating insects that lay their eggs in rotting items. Florists in Kolkata will give you more details on it.

With all that said, below are the world’s 8 worst smelling flowers.

  1. Arum Discoridis – Native to Mediterranean regions Arum Discoridis is a velvet colored rod-shaped flowers. It is well-known for its putrid flesh-like smell and named after ‘Pedanius Dioscorides,’ the famous Greek botanist. Blooming in the spring season, the severe and obnoxious odor of arum discoridis entices several pollinators. Not meant for online flower delivery in Kolkata.
  2. Western Skunk Cabbage – This flower is named ‘Western skunk cabbage’ due to the skunk-like odor produced by its flowers. Western skunk cabbage flourishes in woodlands and swamps of California, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. This flower blooms in early winter and spring. The rod-shaped flowers grow to a height of 40 cm and have a bright yellow color. The plant’s foul odor attracts scavenging flies for pollination.
  3. Eastern Skunk Cabbage – The Eastern skunk cabbage, similar to the Western skunk cabbage, has also obtained its name for the same reason. The plant flourishes in wet and swampy areas across Asia and North America blooming in the spring season. Initially, a shell-like structure of the plant known as ‘spathe’ emerges from the ground before the leaves. It can grow up to a size of 4-6 inches and is brownish-purple in color. It generates an intense and nasty smell that attracts bees and butterflies as pollinators.
  4. Stapelia Gigantea – Stapelia gigantea is undoubtedly a beautiful carrion flower, but it also possesses an awful rotten flesh like smell. It is also known as African starfish, as starry pale yellow colored flowers resemble a starfish flourishing in Southeast Africa’s tropical regions. The unique shape and rotten flesh like odor entice pollinating insects. The flowers bloom in mid-summer, and the disgusting smell of stapelia gigantea is very severe and is acknowledged from far away.
  5. Dragon Arum – This is a remarkable plant that is located in the hilly and rocky region of the Mediterranean basin. It is also called snake lily, black arum, stink lily dragonwort, and voodoo lily, and grows up to 1 meter high. The showy, large, maroon-purple flowers can be 80 cm in length, having a long tail like a spike and appears in late spring. But this alluring flower attracts pollinating insects due to its rotten meat like smell.
  6. Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis – This flower is the world’s worst smelling orchid native to the New Guinea island, having a similar and dreadful rotting meat fragrance. Blooming around the year, Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis is one of the world’s largest orchids. The pinkish-red, hairy flowers appear in a bunch. The orchid is famous for its long leaves that can grow to a length of 4 feet apart from its intense and obnoxious odor.
  7. Carob Tree – Growing in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, this is a medium-sized evergreen tree. The name ‘carob’ applies to the consumable fruit of the tree containing various nutrients such as Vitamin B2, B3, A, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Though the fruits provide proper nutrition, the flowers of the tree emit a sperm-like odor. The small spirally orchestrated flowers appear in autumn with the male and female flowers surfacing on different trees. On blooming, the male flowers produce the worst sperm like odor.
  8. Hydrona Africana – Native to Southern Africa this is a bizarre parasite plant. The flower is the only thing seen above the ground as Hydrona Africana grows underground. The flower has a tubular shape and has three large openings. The inner part of the flower is bright orange, and the outer part is brown. The plant possesses an intense fragrance like that of feces; this disgusting odor entices carrion beetles and dung beetles for pollination.

So these were the top eight worst smelling flowers of the world, which you should probably stay away from unless required. And if you want to send flowers to Kolkata, look for more attractive options.


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