The Properties of the My Jio app: Unleashing some of its features

While talking of all the versatile applications that are available in the market, one can think of the latest jio app that has taken the whole world by storm. The app would only run in connection to a jio sim, which makes it a mandatory requirement of all. The basic difference between the jio app and the other applications is that this is an all in one app where all sorts of activities are present. More information on this app is given below.

How does one register with the jio app?

My jio app can only be used when has a valid jio sim. This sim is like an ID, which must be incorporated to start using this application. In addition to that, once the sim gets activated, registration is simple. One can likely enter the number click on the activation link to simply get started.

Is the jio app compatible with all the platforms?

The jio application is so much flexible, that one can likely download this application in almost all of the platforms, which are Android, IOS and even Microsoft Windows.

Is the app available for free?

My Jio app is available for free. There are no special terms and conditions to be followed while the app is being downloaded and installed. Also, no fee is charged and it is totally available for free.

How can one download and install the application in Android and IOS?

For Android users, one can likely get hold of my jio app through the Google Play store. For IOS users, the app is available from the Google Play store.

What is the storage capacity of the My Jio app?

The app is of the size around 5 to 6mb. This is very low in comparison to several applications, which require a huge storage space.

What are the various stores available in the Jio app?

The Jio application has many stores inside. This includes the music store, the video store or even the channel store. One can likely subscribe to any one of the stores listed in the application and then pay the required amount.

What is the extraordinary feature of the jio app?

The best feature of the jio app is that one can recharge their jio sim by just clicking on the recharge option present on the application.

Can one talk and chat with the help of the job app?

The jio app gives its users the opportunity to engage in video calling and even in text messages, by simply subscribing to the call option. This is totally for free and no charges are charged later on as well.

What is the 4G voice calling in Jio App?

My Jioapp users can likely avail this service by simply downloading the 4G voice application? This is connected to the app and on registering with the jio sim; one can make calls for free. The system is very flexible and of much use as well.

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