The Best Roast For Cold Brew Guide 2020

Who doesn’t want to beat the summer heat with a refreshing drink that cools you down and has a strong flavor to please you? Now a day cold brews are becoming increasingly popular. The cold brews like coffee help you to wake from your slumber and get into the routine with a boost.

The cold brews are known for their unique and dark flavor. They are less acidic than the regular dip coffee because no hot water is used to brew the coffee from the ground beans at a temperature of about 2-21 Celsius.

The roasts used for the cold brews are available in different forms and make the brews as per the personal likings of the consumer. The brews may be light or dark roasted.

Dark roasted

  • They have a sweet and rich flavor and rich, bold texture
  • The roasting process makes dark roasts oilier with bittersweet, chocolaty flavors.
  • Usually less acidic

Light roasted

  • They have complex flavors, often fruity and light
  • They maintain the characteristics of the original bean.
  • Usually more acidic.
  • They have a light body because beans are not roasted long enough to produce more oils or caramelized sugars.

Factors Affecting The Making Of Cold Brews

  • Type of roast
  • Grind of beans
  • Age of beans
  • Single-origin beans or different origins
  • Milk or no milk added

For all the brew lovers who like to refresh with this cold drink need to go through the following article to find the best roast for cold brews.

The Cafe Du Monde Coffee With Chicory

  • Cafe du Monde is a French coffee shop that has been operating in New Orleans since 1862 and is famous among tourists for the coffee brew made of chicory coffee.
  • The beans are of good quality and maybe brewed hot or cold.
  • The chicory root is added along the roast to subside the bitterness. The root is softened and then ground to be added.
  • The brew made has low bitterness, mellow flavors and sweet tobacco aroma is added because of the roast and chicory root.
  • The brew is cheap and gives off a light and smooth taste.


  • Everyone does not like the added chicory taste.
  • The caffeine content is lessened due to dilution with chicory.

 The Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir

  • The Tiny Footprint Coffee is made from a small U.S based roasting house that introduced the first carbon-negative coffee and is renowned for being the most environment-friendly.
  • The famous cold press elixir is made by the cold brewing technique.
  • The brew is a blend of light and dark roasts that add the richness of flavor and fruity tones with cocoa-like the body of the roasts.
  • The roast beans are available in the grounded form or as a whole.
  • They are grown at high altitudes and grown in shade and contents have 100% Arabica.
  • The brew is provided in 1.5 gallons in the readymade form to be served.


  • A blend of the roast is preferable than a single origin product.

The Cold Buzz Coffee Hazelnut

  • The hazelnut flavored brew is made out of the pre-ground beans in bags that are like the tea bags.
  • The roasts are 100% Arabia beans from Central, Europe, and South America.
  • The brews offered by Cold Buzz are available in various flavors but hazelnut is preferred in the roasts.
  • They are dark flavored and provide a sweet, buttery taste that excites your taste buds.
  • The pre-ground roasts in the bag are too soaked overnight in water. This provides convenience to the consumer.
  • The cleanup process is easy as it does not require filtering.


  • The roasts are fresh but the process has limited flexibility for other brewing methods.

The Metropolis Coffee Cold Brew Blend

  • The Metropolis is a Chicago based company that gives the cold brews through the maintenance of relationships with farmers that cultivate the finest beans that are roasted.
  • The roast is dark which gives off the dark melted chocolate and walnut type of toast to the brew.
  • The beans are given in the bag and each bag is roasted to maintain maximum freshness.
  • They may be as whole or in grounded form.


  • The beans are expensive.
  • Worldwide shipment is not available.

Let your savory buds relish the taste of the finest roasts for the cold brews and pleasure your soul with the divine experience.

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