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The Benefits of Website Creation Software

Ideally to start a business on the internet you first need a product to sell and then a website to sell it from. If you do not have a product then having a product created such as an eBook can cost several hundred dollars, or possibly a thousand or two to have a quality product written. Copywriters can be cheap but quality copywriters are certainly not cheap.

Then there is the jasa pembuatan website and if you are not at least a little technical with HTML they can be difficult to build., You can have them built cheaply for you but they could well be unattractive. Pay for more expensive sites and they will be easy on the eye and much better at converting visitors into buyers. Again, quality costs money as in most walks of life. Oh, I forgot to mention the graphics and videos that you will almost certainly need.

There is a quicker and easier way to get started with an internet business. First, you need to get rolling without having a product. Why is that? Because coming up with one is really hard and possibly expensive if you have to have someone else build one for you. Get started as an affiliate promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission, a percentage of the selling price. As for the website then has already been taken care of by using the services of an easy to make and publish website creation service such that I will show you later.

Using such a service is the painless, foolproof way to set up your Internet dream. No fooling. It solves two problems at one time: it uses a unique business model that lets you promote other people’s products as an affiliate. Second, it lets you create an incredible website, or as many as you want, as easily as it is to follow the instructions to warm up a cup of coffee in the microwave.

Although better designed websites will convert more visitors into buyers you do not want to spend your time editing your site. You want to be out there marketing your site and driving traffic back to it. It is the traffic that will make or break your site. You need to be writing and submitting articles, producing and submitting videos and linking back to your site from Web 2.0 properties that you can easily build.

So what do you need in a fast website creation tool. Well an easy to follow wizard would be a priority. You do not want any HTML, no php, no css style sheets. You just need to choose from a selection of templates, then add ready made quality graphics. Add a site map page for the search engines, a privacy policy page to keep the trade authorities happy and a terms of service page to give you some legal protection.

You will also need an articles page to add your keyword rich articles to. Articles about the product you are promoting and related subjects. All these pages along with your home page make up your complete website. This would only take fifteen minutes or so using a site creation service and all you did was look, choose, point and click. Then what if you could create unlimited sites at no extra cost apart from registering domain names, Think what this could do for your income potential. No need to be fiddling around with templates and html because that is not where the money is made. Let the technical work be done by the software and spend your time driving traffic to your site.

After you have completed building a website the hard way you will then need to upload it to the internet using an ftp program. Not really a big issue unless you are doing several sites but think how easy it would be if your website creation software does it for you instead. Well it does, so again more time to spend on marketing and promoting your sites. When your visitors arrive you might want to capture their names to add to your subscribers list. Not to worry, because the site creation wizard will walk you through everything and recommend the best tools to use.

Every site created by the website creation software will be fully FTC compliant. If you are not sure about FTC it is an abbreviation for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission who monitor online websites for fraud and misleading and exorbitant claims. You have probably seen such claims, ‘How I lost 20lbs in two days and ate as much as I wanted’ and similar such titles on websites.



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