The 5 Different Types of Whales


Whales are a great creation of God that you can find in the seas. Whales are one of the largest animals that are alive today. You can learn more about this creation in animal quiz questions that will help you to get more information about them. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of whales that you can get.

The Toothed Whales:

It names comes from the organ of enormous bulbous spermaceti that can find in their head. The average length of adults whales in this type is 16 meters and the body mass is 35 tons. In the Antarctic waters, you can find only the males. Rather than the filter feeders, sperm whales are toothed whales and are the longest as well as deepest of all the catching giant squid of whale divers live in the unit of extended family for the females are an association of lifelong.

The Fin Whale:

The length of the Fin whale is more than 24 meters. These whales have a great life span of a minimum of 80 years. You can see fin on their back due to which they are known as a Fin Whale. Because of their prominent feature, you can see them easily in the sea. This type of whale also takes a large volume of water and skims the surface just like any other Baleen whales. The water is pushing out through their baleen when they close their mouth; here the prey is caught inside of their baleen. They need to eat two tons of food each day.

The Beaked Whale:


The chance to see any of 11 beaked whales’ species known to inhabit the water of New Zealand is slight. In a few situations, the only proof of the existence of 11 beaked whales is the washed up of their body along with the coastline. These whales can only live in an open ocean and they can dive around the 300 meters for the squid. Their lengths are from 3 meters to the 13 meters. Their structure has included small back, head and a bulging forehead as well.

The Minke Whale:

You can find this type of whale in almost all oceans around the world. It was considered to be only a 1 species. However, recently the Antarctic Minke has classified as separate species from dwarf Minke. You can find both of them into Southern Hemisphere. During the time period from 70s to 80s the Minke whales were extensively haunted by the other whales.  In southern oceans where the scientific research of guise was conducted it was found that hundreds are being killed still today.  It is really difficult for the researches to conduct research on whales because they are really fast, their surfacing can be really difficult for you to follow.

These are some major type of Whales but you can get many other types around the world. If you are a whale lover then this article must be entertaining for you and allow you to know more about this animal.

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