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The Seekit Edge: A Wallet Tracking Device You Can Count On

Losing your wallet or not knowing where you last kept it can be frustrating and heart-breaking.

The fact that you have already roamed over most parts of your house and are already late to head out for an important event, task or function is also equally upsetting. However, the Seekit Edge brought to you by Panasonic makes certain you never have to go through this tiring rigmarole of searching without any fruitful results again.

The device makes it seamless for you to find your wallet as well as your bags and document folders without wasting too much time in the bargain. This Bluetooth tracking device comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a host of handy features which prove that it goes above and beyond in helping you search for your beloved wallet and other belongings. Here is a list of its features.

Last seen location

The device is equipped with a last seen location feature that makes it easy for you to go back to the places you have been to. It lets you check where you last left your wallet on your Seekit app. The last seen location proves to be a savior especially when your brain fails to figure out where you last kept your valuable at.

The Separation Indicator

The separation indicator makes it almost impossible to leave any of your belongings behind. Whenever your wallet or valuable disconnects from your device, you instantly hear an alert on your smartphone, reminding you of the fact that you’re missing something behind.

SOS alerts

You can also send SOS alerts in case you find yourself in danger by simply pressing the multi-purpose button on your Seekit three times. Doing so sends a notification along with your GPS location to three of your near and dear ones.

Proximity Guidance

Proximity guidance is another feature of the Seekit wallet tracking device that effectively guides you towards your lost valuables the calculating the proximity or distance between you and your valuables through the use of IoT functionality.

The other features you need to be aware of

Besides the ones mentioned above, the Seekit Edge comes with an array of other features as well. This includes bi-directional tracking, voice alerts, crowd GPS, an IP65 splash proof feature that ensures it does not get ruined by water or any other kind of liquid, multiple alert modes and a selfie button that lets you click quick and picturesque selfies. The Crowd GPS makes use of the Seekit community and its users to help find your misplaced or lost belongings beyond its radar range of 100FT.

So there you have it. These features certainly prove to be immensely beneficial when you are searching for your wallet and other essential belongings. The device is compact and light in weight and seamlessly fits into your wallet or any other tight spaces effortlessly. All said and done, it definitely proves to be a life saver that helps you save a great deal of time since you are not running around the place searching for your wallet when you need it the most. Go ahead and give this device from Panasonic a try. You won’t regret it.

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