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Reach the Best Training Institute for DevOps and SAFe Training

Generally speaking, students holding a DevOps certification are able to land better jobs in MNCs. If you are also looking for DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon then Xebia Academy is the best you can get in terms of professional staff, course curriculum, and they provide genuine certification for the course.

DevOps is a professional course that includes communication, automation, and the ability to manage workflow between the software developers and other professionals in the IT field. This course covers code automation, deployment, management, and monitoring the applications.

What will you learn in DevOps Training?

If you choose the best institute for DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon then you will get to learn:

  • Implementing Software Version Control
  • Provides a great benefit to the business
  • Presentation Tuning and Specialist care using Nagios
  • Knowledge about GIT workflow
  • Arrange code on production using Docker
  • Creating a better product and delivering work on time.
  • DevOps Market Trends

Candidate who opt for this training have the complete opportunity for placement also. Their placement team plans placement drives and also conducts meetings in different MNCs. They have kept a reasonable DevOps course fee to help students coming from all sections of the society.

They have made the DevOps training course duration flexible for students. One can schedule the timing of this course as per his/her convenience. The certification provided is government-issued and will be necessary for any future DevOps certification courses.

Leading SAFe Training in Gurgaon

SAFe Agile course is especially for executives, managers, and mediators who lead Lean or Agile change enterprises in big software companies. The teachers are certified professionals who have the rich experience in this profile alongside they have industry exposure that means they have practical experience. Those who are in this profession also know how to change Agile portfolio administration in large enterprises.

Required exam skills and knowledge:

For those who are aiming to start a professional career in this field need to have the following requirements-

  • 5 years of experience in software development, business analysis, and testing and product management.
  • Experience of working in Scrum or Agile.

Responsibilities of a SAFe Agilist:

A professional guide is necessary for successful adoption and continuous development of SAFe in the organization. One of their main responsibilities is to help the company to achieve its goals by a strategic agreement and need for innovation of stakeholders and teams. They also keep on motivating the employees, boosting them to achieve the goals of the company. They can schedule on-time deliveries of the project by managing the team working under them.

Topics covered by Leading SAFe training in Gurgaon: –

  • Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Creating Team and Practical Agility
  • Program Augmentation (PA) Planning
  • Structuring Business Explanations and Lean Systems
  • Leading the revolution

For all those who are looking for DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon Xebia Academy should be your first choice.


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