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Quick guide: Middlesex University Dubai – The Perfect fit for you

Are you interested in applying to Middlesex University Dubai? This is the perfect read for you to clear up your head. Where is Middlesex University located? It was established as a university in 1992 in London and in 2005 it opened its door in Dubai, its first overseas campus. Later it expanded in Mauritius and Malta. It is also verified by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for its higher education and a strict check is kept on the Dubai campus as it is an essential part of its audit process.

The Dubai government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) keeps a stern check on all the courses offered in Dubai, comparing it with the courses being offered back at the home campus in London. Courses offered for the undergraduate program include International Foundation program, Business, Art and Design, Science and Technology, Health and Education, Law and Media. Postgraduate courses include Business, MBA, Art and Design, Science and Technology, Health and Education and Law.

Reasons why to choose Middlesex University Dubai?

  • UK degree experience in Dubai:

Students get to experience and earn a London associated degree while staying in Dubai. For local students, it is a great opportunity to stay in their country while earning a foreign degree.

  • Extracurricular as a vital part of university life:

Here is another reason to apply at Middlesex University Dubai, they make sure that the students engage in activities like sports, and have made many social clubs to keep them engaged. They also take part in national as well as international competitions. There is no better way to grow than being around multicultural people. It has over 3200 students with 100 different nationalities.

  • Innovational learning:

The university has also built up a solid research culture and a large number of academic faculties have been recognized universally as pioneers in their fields, and have been appointed editorial boards, the executive board of an international organization, and received prestigious research awards.

  • Increasing exposure:

One of the biggest attracting reasons for students could be that you can start your degree here in Dubai and choose to end it in London. This allows students to get more exposure and experience both cultures. They make sure to make the visa process as smooth and efficient as possible for the non-national students.

  • Earn while studying:

MUD also offers a wide range of scholarships including academic, sporting and cooperate study grants. Undergraduate students can work part-time while studying in 4500 businesses located in its free zone. Postgraduate students have their classes in the evening so they can manage their careers along studying.

  • Dubai ranked 2nd best city globally:

The most important reason that makes this campus so unique is its location. Dubai attracts the world’s top universities providing a gateway of opportunities for the students. Extensive connections with local and international organizations allow students to get in touch with professionals from around the world.

  • Promising future:

Throughout the time spend by students here at Middlesex University Dubai it is made sure to give them hope of a promising future. Employment, internships and career days are always considered as the top priority for students.

In their vacations, students can roam around in Dubai and the whole of UAE. They can visit Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, beaches, Ski Dubai, Ferrari world, Atlantis the palm, Dubai fountain, Speed boat, Desert safari and so on. You name any activity from your list and it will be present in UAE for you to enjoy.

These are all the reasons one should choose to study at Middlesex University Dubai over all other options.

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