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Pro Apps To Make Creative Animated Characters

Creating animation is one of the most successful means of marketing. Motion graphics has the appeal to entice the viewers and deliver a strong message easily. You can dig up interesting ways to deliver a single idea. Moreover, you can learn ways to create appealing animation that can help you increase productivity.

Animation comes with many different forms of creation. You can try making whiteboard animation, 3D and 2D animation along with stop-motion videos and other forms of explainer videos. In each of these types, there are different criteria involved, which you have to take care of. You cannot try all of it together in a single video. So, here is a list of apps that can let you create whichever kind of animation you like and you can be sure to gain the attention of a pretty huge target audience. So, read up to download the best app.

Pencil 2D 

Pencil 2D is an open-source platform and you surely do not have to pay to create an app. It helps you indulge in the fascination of creating motion graphics by using a number of tools and features. You can tap into its color palette and ad life in your creation. Pencil 2D is an app for the beginners as well as for the professionals. Using the tool you can create animated characters that can entice the viewers completely encouraging them to take favorable actions. 

Plastic Animation Paper 

Plastic Animation Paper is a great app one must try. It has a wide range of features that help the animator in creating fulfilled motion graphics. You can make short videos and add an animation of all types. You can create interactive characters with perfect detailing. The light setup lets you fill more colors in your video that can captivate the target audience. Moreover, there are a number of tutorials that can let you learn crazy tricks of creating fascination with your brushes.

Synfig Studio

A feature-rich animation application it is that lets you double your excitement. The app is full of appealing features that can encourage you to maximize your online reach. You can create indulging promotional videos that can be proven helpful. Each video lets you increase the level of productivity by maximizing the essence and adding characters that can enroll more productivity. Your videos can be a part of your branding asset only if you manage to do good with the application. The workflow is smooth and the production is flawless. You simply have to drag and drop the objects and ad motion in them by dividing them into different frames and editing their movements.

Animate It

Animate It is an interesting app usually preferable for beginners and for those who are trying to find a scope in thief career. There is an online library where you can upload your creation for all the members to view your portfolio. The app has a pretty huge user base that lets you gain limelight if your work is capable of attracting audience. All you have to do is to create the image in multiple frames and play the video. You can use color pallet and even emojis to add more fun in your videos. However, the background remains the same- plain white. Therefore, the app is best for those who want to create fulfilled whiteboard animation. 


Creatoon app- as the name itself sounds so does all of its features that are truly dedicated to creating interesting cartoons. You can create fascinating cartoons that can accelerate the level of productivity of your brand giving you a face to interact with your online audience. You can add finishing in the idea and use multiple tools to give your animation a more realistic feel and touch. You can even fill realistic colors to liven up your videos.

Wrap Up 

A wide range of apps are there in the Play Store and App Store that you can download to double the fun. You simply have to check the ratings and get started. Each app will help you create most fascinating applications. You get to learn more tricks and tactics as well.


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