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Planning a road trip this month in Ireland Check out the playlist of songs

Ready to go on a road trip? Pack your bags and do not forget to keep small bits required every day. Certainly, you will not miss packing clothes, but a checklist is required for stuff like extra pair of shoes/slippers, toothbrush, and toothpaste, mobile charger, camera, eatables, extra carry bags, car tool kit, car registration papers, license, tickets, your hotel/rental car booking receipts and similar other basics which one tends to forget. You can also keep a few precautionary medicines or the first aid kit which may be needed on a road trip. Another must-have item to pack is entertainment stuff. If you are traveling with kids, then you can carry small travel games, color kit or other things that can keep them engaged. You can also carry badminton rackets, a bat and a ball, football or any other outdoor sports equipment which you think might be used depending on your choice of destination. Your laptop or tablet can also be carried for entertainment and being in touch with work. All the entertainment equipment varies as per the age and preferences of the group who is traveling. One common mode of entertainment for all age groups is music. Music is one thing that relaxes you, adds to your joy and keeps you peppy all through your road trip, however long the journey may be. Additionally, music is loved by all age groups, so it is all-time favorite entertainment for everyone. So, while traveling you can carry your iPod or pen-drive filled with songs so that it can be played in your car. Here is a list of songs which you would certainly love to listen on your long drive:

  • Highway to Hell (ACDC)
  • Free (Trevor Hall)
  • Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen) 
  • Going To California (Led Zeppelin)
  • American Woman – 7th Version (The Guess Who)
  • On The Road Again (Willie Nelson)
  • Step Out (Jose Gonzalez)
  • I’m Gonna Be-500 Miles (The Proclaimers)
  • Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Band)
  • These Old Shoes (Deer Tick)
  • Big Jet Plane (Angus and Julia Stone)
  • Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • Passenger (Iggy Pop)
  • West Coast (Coconut Records)
  • Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)
  • Home For A Rest (Spirit Of The West)
  • Tighten Up (The Black Keys)
  • Sympathy For The Devil – 5 (The Rolling Stones)
  • Cruise Night (John K. Samson)
  • Holiday (Ocean Alley)

You can copy these songs in your pen drive/tablet or play them live on your laptop/tablet/mobile while traveling. Cheers to your road trip which you want to be fun-filled with a lot of chatting, singing, eating, listening to music, etc. Your road trip will be cheerful and a cherished memory only if things go smoothly. Since the future is uncertain, it is better to be ready with all types of situations. Thus, along with other preparations for your road trip, remember to take car insurance. Traveling without car insurance in Ireland or even in any other country is not advisable at all. This is because a car insurance Ireland covers the risks attached to traveling on road. A car insurance Ireland not only covers the car but also the driver and the passengers traveling in the car. This car insurance protection is helpful if any minor or major threat on-road is faced like theft, car breakdown, accident, etc. Reimbursement by the car insurance Ireland provider in cases of car breakdown, extra hotel/car rental due to breakdown, accidents, theft, and other covered cases, is very helpful for the bearer of the loss. A minor premium can give you a big coverage and the resulting peace of mind which in turn will refresh you on your road trip. Thus, drive your car without any worry after buying car insurance in Ireland.

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