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Outsource the funeral services, and take time to grieve upon the death of a loved one:

Dealing with the dead with due respect and care is the responsibility of all of us. But in modern times, people live a very fast and modern life and they find no time to perform all the final rights and rituals of their dear ones after they have died. Also, we can’t expect a sobbing family to perform all the rights, as they are already sorrow-stricken by the death of their loved ones.

There are a number of funeral plan companies, who do this task diligently and complete all the final rights of your loved ones with due care and respect. They organize professional funerals across the different communities in the country and assist the already sobering family in the last journey of the loved ones.


  1. Local funerals: These companies plan for funeral services in their own city of their loved ones. These services are carried out with the help of hearse van, freezer boxes, dead body carrier vehicle, funeral helpers and shraadh priests. There are also provisions for customization of any service within the package.
  2. Pre-planning a funeral: They plan ahead for the funeral, though it is the most unexpected event of one’s life. This, in fact, relieves the family from worrying about the nuances of funeral planning. There is also a provision to honor the last wishes and the legal handover of documents with the family of the deceased.
  3. Repatriation of Hum: These companies are capable of transferring human remains across different destinations of the world. The trained executives guide the family in the documentation process and other clearances that are involved in the transport of human remains. Their team ensures optimal packaging for the transfer of the remains via different routes, such as road, rail, and air.

Anthyesti Funeral Planners:

The Anthyesti funeral planners are one of the first funeral planning service providers, first of the kind in India. The company is headed by Shruthi Reddy Sethi, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur in Kolkata, who has undertaken funeral services as her profession. Though the company is headquartered in Kolkata, it has branches in other parts of the country as well, such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

The company, Anthyesti Funeral planners, renders the best funeral services and offers well organized and efficient post demise packages such as mobile freezer, VIP hearse services, embalming services, repatriation of remains and also Shraadhs, which is a ritual to pay homage to the deceased in the family.

They cater to the funeral services of different communities such as Gujaratis, Marwaris, Bengalis, Hindus, Christians, etc. And their funeral services ranges between Rs. 2500 and a lakh. The motto of this company is to efficiently and sensitively take care of every aspect of final rights, relating to the ceremonies and the processes following death to the conclusion of the final rituals.

Final words:

Booking for Anthyesti last rites funeral services is now made easy and can be made over phone or online. Thus there is more time to grieve with the family upon the death of a loved one rather than to make arrangements for the funeral.


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