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Onsite Crankshaft Grinding and Repair Services

RA Power Solutions extends onsite crankshaft grinding and crankshaft repair services for the last forty years. We have repaired more than 11,000 crankshafts successfully diameter ranging from 30 mm to 700 all over the world.

With the help of our onsite crankshaft grinding machine, there is no need for removal of the crankshaft from the engine block.

Major features of onsite crankshaft grinding repairing service offered by RA Power Solutions are listed below:

I) No compromise after grinding and repair of crankshaft. All the parameters are strictly maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

II) Damaged radius fillet of crankpin and main journals of crankshaft are also repaired.

III) With our latest portable onsite grinding equipment, grinding and repair of crankpin, main journal and crankshaft is possible in a very less space.

IV) Repair of crankshaft is possible while the vessel is sailing. This results in considerable savings.

V) All the technical reports before and after grinding is submitted.

VI) In case of emergency breakdown, our technicians can travel to any part of the world with a prior notice of 3 or 4 hours.

VII) We have skilled and experienced technicians who can save your crankshaft from the rejection.

VIII) With forty years of experience, we have the capability to do onsite grinding and repair jobs with precision.

RA Power Solutions stands guarantee of the work done by the technicians. We also extend diesel engine repair and overhauling, metal stitching and metal locking services, rebabbitting of white metal bearings all around the globe. We have separate experienced teams for all the jobs who can undertake repairs.All technicians have valid Indian CDC

For any information or queries, please write to us on info@rapowersolutions.com



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