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One plank variation can make real difference in your abs defining workout

Have you been trying a little harder to get those defined washboard abs? However, you aren’t able to accomplish your goals. Are you wondering where you have been lagging behind? Well, we have got all answers for your questions.

Unlike some of most daunting abs exercises (predominately crunches), we will be discussing one move that will really fire up your core muscles. All you need is a kettlebell (or dumbbell) and a good exercising mat.

Keep reading this post to know that one plan variation that can help you make a real difference your abs defining workout.

As per a qualified health coach with personal training certification, you don’t need to rush to increase your number of repetition in the initial stage.

You have to do a couple of reps as per your stamina level while maintaining the right posture, which is quite crucial. Once you become more comfortable and understand the right form of the exercise, you can increase your number of repetitions gradually.

Let’s have a look at the exercise we are so far discussing but haven’t yet revealed.

We are taking about the kettlebell or dumbbell drag plank variation here.

If you are new this terminology, then let’s have a glimpse at what this exercise is all about.

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Drag Plank Variation

This exercise isn’t very commonly performed by the people. There are only a few qualified health coaches with personal training certification who are trained professionally and given intensive training for performing such types of exercises.

When you will perform this exercise under the supervision of professional personal trainer, you will definitely see great results.

Dumbbell Drag Plank Variation

Here are the steps to perform the Kettlebell or Dumbbell Drag Plank Variation:

  • Firstly come to the standard forearm plank position, wherein you keep your elbows right underneath your shoulders, and toes, butt and neck in one straight line.
  • After that, place your feet a bit wider than butt distance apart to form a stable posture, and try to keep your butts not too high.
  • Put the kettlebell or dumbbell just behind your left hand.
  • Squeeze your glutes, low back and core muscles and the extent towards your right arm through the chest to grasp the kettlebell or dumbbell, sliding it on its side by the grip underneath your body.
  • Take a pause when the kettlebell or dumbbell is just behind the right hand, kept underneath the shoulder.
  • Do the same exercise on the other side.


dumbbell workout


Wrapping up

Many people will recommend you doing different types of exercises, but you can accomplish results provided you follow the routine and right form of kettlebell or dumbbell drag plank variation.

This is the reason why we always recommend people not to blindly follow what others are doing. Seek the assistance of a qualified health coach with personal training certification.

They are the most qualified and trained people who are well aware of the right form of the exercise which can not only help you in getting results but also prevent injury.

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