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No Insurance! Illegal Drive! Low cost fine lets people dare for it

Most of us drive a car for work or for pleasurable road trips. Every driver is undoubtedly confident in his driving and thus hopes that he will not face any issue while driving on-road. But honestly, this is not confidence but overconfidence. No matter how good a driver you are, when you are on-road you are exposed to threats of driving on road. The cause of these threats may be the condition of the roads, the condition of the car (tires, engine, brake, etc.) or other drivers driving their vehicles near you. A car insurance Ireland helps to face any threat that a driver may face while driving in Ireland.

Since Ireland is a beautiful country, not only the local people of Ireland drive car here but the tourists coming from other countries also take road trips in a rented vehicle thereby increasing traffic on the road and adding on to threats of driving on the road in Ireland because every foreign driver is not comfortable with left lane driving of Ireland as in many countries right-lane driving is practiced. Despite many threats attached to driving in Ireland, many drivers and owners of the cars overlook to buy car insurance for the sake of saving money. Though driving without insurance is illegal in Ireland, still such drivers and owners of cars gather the courage to drive their car without car insurance in Ireland. The chief reason for this dare could be the low cost of a fine for not having insurance which will be levied only when the driver will be caught driving without insurance.

Those who buy insurance in Ireland pay a premium of €900 roughly (depending on the car and car insurance policy chosen) or more for premium cars whereas those who are willing to take the risk of not buying a car insurance Ireland save this money. Even if they get caught for not having car insurance, they will be fined for less than €400. Such a low fine encourages the drivers/owners of the cars to take the risk of not buying car insurance in Ireland. Such drivers may be saving money by not buying car insurance but they are taking a big risk while driving without insurance.

Car insurance premiums may pinch the pocket but it is worthy in case of occurrence of an event on the road. This event may be a break-down of car, tire burst, minor or major accident, damage to the car, injuries to the passenger or third-party, etc. Car insurance gives mental peace and financial security to the driver that there is someone to take care of and support in case an unexpected and unwanted event occurs. Reimbursement from the insurance company for car repairs, hotel/car rental in case of car breakdown, passenger hospital bills, third party claims, etc. (depending on the coverage chosen in the car insurance policy) lends a big helping hand in case of any of the mishappening.

Thus, it is recommended never to miss buying car insurance for driving in Ireland and that too only for the sake of saving premium amount. Not having insurance can cost hefty in case of an unfortunate event on road. Furthermore, buying car insurance Ireland from an established company gives added advantage of hassle-free experience for the buyer. The car owner/driver can customize the car insurance policy, depending on his requirements, under the guidance of executives of an insurance company Ireland. The car insurance premium varies as per the extent of coverage opted. You can increase or decrease the premium amount of your car insurance policy by altering the extent of coverage. A dependable car insurance company allows altering the insurance policy online at any time of the tenure merely by signing in your insurance account. When you seek car insurance Ireland from a renowned company then you can rest assured of the best services in the industry not only while buying car insurance and modifying it but also while making claims.

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