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New Year Cakes in our Plates from around the Countries

Yummy cakes, New Year’s Eve, heart pouncing, and empty guts, all of these together can explain the excitement of 2020. Yes, and this comes with the delicious New Year gifts and cakes. Some of you must be dying to poke a fork in its midst and putting a bite of it in your mouth. But wait for a second, as I will be introducing you to some of the rich traditions related to cakes from different zones of the world.

New Year’s Eve is a cultural time of the year that people from around the world gather and celebrate. Amidst all these celebrations, food plays a very major role in this festive season. There are plenty of hors-d’oeuvres, delicious buffet meals, and a yummy decorate cake for all of you. This time of the year is perfect to dazzle up the celebration by adding some exciting elements to the celebration. What could be better than adding a lip-smacking cake for New Year celebration? So, go through the points below and learn about the traditional cake from around the globe. Anyone of this can help you to amaze your guests on this New Year.


This maple-leaf country is fond of blue fondant toppers on their cakes along with a layer of gum paste. This paste is molded into the shape of ice cubes and human figures in swimsuits. The New Year cake is also decorated with an icy lake of chocolate in the between. Some people also add polar bears along with champagne glasses on it. You must be wondering why so much of lake-inspired fondant toppers on a Canadian New Year cake. Right? Then, there is a reason behind this also. Canada has a tradition of the polar bear plunge in which people jump onto the frozen lake to celebrate the New Year.


The falling of the ball in Times Square is a well-known part of New Year’s Eve in the United States. This famous scene has been shown a zillion times in film and television. For the people of the USA, perfect cake decoration is a beautifully shaped ball that resembles the Times Square ball on top of cakes. The cakes have many shimmery graphic elements added to them. It can be dragees or edible glitter, which will shine like the original ones when made on the cakes. Many people love these cakes but do not know how to design it. For all these bakers, I will suggest to order New Year cakes online and treat yourself.


This holiday season is called Hogmanay, and the tradition followed on New Year’s Eve is First Footing. It involves the traditional cake which has a special fondant topper on the cake. There is a story behind the topper which says the following. The topper on it should be of the first person who crosses the door after midnight. The Hogmanay cake can have a gum paste or fondant topper of a person with big ears, black hairs, or any other way. But it should somewhat resemble the particular person.

United Kingdom

In the UK, clocks play a significant role in turning the old 365 days into the new ones. The most popular clock is the tower clock located at Westminster Palace, which is also known as “Big Ben.” The countdown is done on this big clock. Therefore, people decorate cakes or cupcakes with a copy of this famous clock on their New Year cakes. They can make Big Ben with the icing cream or fondant.


The people in France celebrate New Year with a big feast known as le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre. The festivities of New Year last till the 6th of January. A unique cake is a lot of fun in France, and it includes a character from China hidden in it. The person who finds the Chinese figure becomes the king or queen of the festivity. They are then made to wear a crown to depict their victory. It is not just decorative but also looks enjoyable.

These were some beautiful ways in which people around the world celebrate New Year with their cakes. If you are busy or are not a good baker, then you can go for online New Year cakes. So, loosen your pockets and traditionally celebrate the 2020 New Year with your lovely people.


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