Making a CV has become rather a technical subject. The main reason for the extraordinary importance of the CV is due to shortage of time with the employer to sort these out. Within a time of less than half a minute, the CV is either put on the right or on the left. Therefore to create a useful and productive CV special care is required. In the subsequent paragraphs, it will be indicated as to what should be avoided in a CV.

  • The CV should not be too long. It should be accommodated to a maximum of two types is written pages. In case the CV is longer than that, it has a double negative effect. Firstly there is no time with the recruiter for a longer CV secondly it gives a poor impression of your written communication skills. The reader expects that you should be able to convey your credentials within two pages. If you cannot do it, it is a minus point.
  • Don’t be too generic and send the same CVs for each job. For each role, there will always be some slight modification in the CV.
  • Do not have long paragraphs. These are likely to be ignored without being read.
  • The CV should not show arrogance in any form. It also does not mean that you should not clearly highlight your accomplishments.
  • No need to use heavy binders or folders etc. For sending it by post, normal envelop of a formal design should suffice.
  • Referees are not to be mentioned. It is taken for granted.
  • A photograph should not be attached.
  • Do not delete you valuable experiences of volunteer or community work. You have to decide in view of the job and nature of this informal experience.
  • Do not miss the keywords of the profession or the targeted job.
  • Do not include information about your salaries with the previous employers? Salary is normally negotiated at interview stage.
  • Do not use scientific terms, italics, Greek, and words from other foreign languages unless you are sure that the software of the potential employer can handle these terms.
  • Do not use word I. It is understood and implied throughout the CV.
  • Do not send your CV through fax unless specifically asked for.
  • Do not mention your hobbies and other interests today’s employer is hardly interested so much in his employee’s extra-curricular activities.
  • Do not explain reasons for leaving your previous job. These can also be deferred for the interview stage.
  • Do not provide any false information in the CV. It can always be counter checked and will let you down.
  • Do not leave the gaps in the CV which are totally uncovered. If there are gaps and you have been performing some activities in the social sector or running your own business, it should be mentioned.
  • Do not send a gimmicky CV. It may draw the attention alright but may not be taken seriously and get you no call.
  • Do not be negative about your previous employer or the past. Always show a positive approach.

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