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Maintaining Adequate Food Safety With Stainless Conveying Belts

In recent times, the food processing industry has dealt with a slew of product recalls. While a few of these recalls were due to certain bacterial contaminants which majorly spread through the poorly inspected product, other recalls to initiating due to product contamination due to faulty processing equipment.

The dangers related to:

Any product recall is a devastating loss for a manufacturer. The financial strain of recalling contaminated materials, the unnecessary waste of lost product and the potential danger that those products pose to the consumers necessitate stringent safety standards for any automated food processing system. The inferior equipment materials like rubber or plastic conveyor belts can represent a needless risk to product quality.

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Due to ageing & repeated use, they can fray and generate particulates which can directly contaminate food. They can also “outgas”, which will affect the flavour of the food products. Also, the plastic and rubber belts are very much susceptible to physical damage. Certain divots, pits or cracks can be formed in which certain allergens; chemicals or contagions can easily fester.

Stainless steel is ideal for food processing applications

The solid stainless-steel conveying systems are long-lasting and accurate for the food processing systems. The metal conveying systems do not require lubrication and they do not outgas. So, there is absolutely no risk to the product flavour. Additionally, they do generate or fray particulates which can contaminate food consumers.

The maintaining standards for sanitization and cleanliness are very easy with the stainless conveying belts. The non-porous and solid surface of the endless metal belt is very resistant to bacteria and provides an overall cleaner surface area for the transportation of the edible materials. Steel is also resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. They are also very easy to clean and there a number of specialized ways like high-pressure steam, chlorine washes and high-pressure washes can be adopted for cleaning the stainless conveying systems. They are specifically designed for easy access and allow OEMs to save valuable time on cleaning operations and maintenance.

Achieving the optimal product throughput and efficiency

  • The overall configuration and design for stainless steel food processing systems are very versatile. The non-stick surface perforations or coatings can be very well added to improve the overall efficiency and product quality.
  • Conveyor belts can be fitted with attachments for more accurate placement indexing. The different types of stainless-steel belts have the twofold advantage of operating at high temperatures and also corrosion-resistance which ensures long-term reliability and safety.
  • Inclusion of stainless steel into your automated food processing system very positively guarantees efficient, sanitary and reliable product quality results.
  • The expert engineers can easily design the metal belts in order to fit into & upgrade any of the existing automated food processing systems. They can engineer as well as fabricate custom stainless-steel conveying systems which are designed to fit your unique food processing application.
  • Right from frozen foods like frozen pizzas and ice cream, to cooking processes of raw meat, the stainless-steel metal conveying belts are indeed excellent for freezing, cooking and handling of the various edible products.

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Stainless steel conveying systems drive tapes and timing belts can be found in some of the most innovative automation technologies prevailing in our time. The overall durability and versatility of stainless steel indeed make it an ideal choice for several industries. The drive tapes and belts of stainless steel can be easily customized in order to suit a wide range of operating conditions & handling requirements. They can very easily endure heavy loads, extreme temperatures and even caustic chemicals without breaking, warping or losing the positional accuracy.



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