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Latest Pakistani Designer Dresses

Erum Khan is a famous fashion designer in Pakistan. Erum Khan Dresses are the most well-known and highly requested in Pakistan. Erum Khan bridal dressmaking week presents her collection for brides. She introduces official, semi-official and luxury fashion dresses for women. Erum khan outlets extend the home cultural internationally. Each year Erum khan’s newest collection participates in London fashion and various exhibitions internationally. The designer mostly focuses on fancy dresses for mehndi and wedding events. Let’s have a glance at Erum khan mehndi dresses collection. This selection is recently introduced by the designer.

Erum Khan Mehndi Dresses

A most gorgeous wedding lehenga collection by Erum Khan released in recent years. Brides mehndi dresses lehenga choli looks more attractive and stunning.

In Erum khan bridal couture week 2017 introduces the fancy Pakistani bride’s dresses. The latest styles are looking amazing and catch the attraction of spectators in the show.

Erum khan chiffon fancy dress collection is looking more attractive. In the face of dresses, a lot of embroidery work gives the ideal look.

One of the most attractive Luxury bridal dresses is admirable and perfect for the wedding functions. A unique design introduced for brides. Mehndi dress with gotta work black and the golden mixture looks wonderful.

One of the most eye-catching embroidery lehenga outlets launched recently. The outfit conserves silver gota kinari works which are looking elegant.

We see that the silver mixture on the lehengas is coming out in-store by Pakistani designers. The silver tilla karahi on the net lehenga is a fashion now a day.

A luxurious wedding lehenga new style is launched. Gorgeous heavy embroidery at ghera looks costly but its perfect match for Dulhan.

One of the most graceful dress having the silver tilla on the net. We experimented that silver tilla works on lehengas now a trend.

At bridal dressmaking week, the designer recently introduces dress for brides and groom for mehndi function. Nice mixture of colors and a good match for wedding events.

An extraordinary type of luxury mehndi dress for girls is now available in the market. This fancy dress conserves top to bottom kora works. The dress is ideal for girls at the mehndi event.

Multicolor bridal frock outfit for brides is a fresh style now a day at mehndi functions. Newest bridal dresses color is specially designed for events.

A Pakistani jamawar sharara for mehndi style modifies in this year. Lengthy Kurti and gota kinari dupatta are attached. Now bridal is like to dress in these types of outfits.

Mujanda and silver tilla karahi mixture looks beautiful with bridal makeup style. A festive dress is perfect for girls and women at wedding ceremonies now a day.

Black embroidery shawl is the latest style for girls. This exclusive trend is coming out in wedding functions now a day.

Latest Jamawar embroidery bridal lehengas with a multi-color combination a new fashion style for brides in these times.

Gul Ahmed

A leader and very old in women fashion brands is Gul Ahmed. Under this marvelous brand, they hold western wearable’s, stitched and unstitched wears which they are making with fineness since day one.


For those who favor wearing classic and stylish designs, Mehdi is the first name that comes to brains. His dresses are designed with brilliance and excellence. All the elements of a gorgeous ensemble can be observed in Mehdi’s designs. His work is much valued by high-end divas.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari’s name is identical with funky colors and an eye for elaborate detail. His designs are stunning and blend a variety of colors to give a palette so unique that leaves people spellbound. A woman who wears his ensembles looks like a striking creature draped in perfection. The silhouettes that he creates are visually dramatic, and epitomize precision despite a kaleidoscope of colors!

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani’s brand is not for the faint-hearted. However, it is for those for whom style knows no limits. Those who hold change and know how to carry off his original designs with style and cool. Deepak started as a men’s designer but later on split into designing luxury prêt for women. However, his bridals are to depart this life. Brides who are bold and brave prefer wearing Deepak’s fashionable designs and flaunting their best possessions.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin popularly known as HSY is a well known Pakistani fashion designer. He is most known for his wonderfully designed clothes that are traditional with just a touch of modernism, which gives them a real edgy appearance. His clothes are cherished on the international platform as well. He’s been named as the New King of dressmaking by Harper’s Bazaar an international bestselling magazine. That is not all though, he isn’t just a fashion designer, this talented persona is choreographer, jewelry designer and not to forget a generous donor as well.


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