Land use management as parking lot

Land resources can be used in different ways. There is a number of methods to use the land and manage its resources. Here I will discuss the management of land as a parking lot. When you want to use your land as parking lots.

Land use management
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Table of contents

  1. How do you use the land which was dismantled into one house?
  2. Four merits of parking lot management
  3. What kind of method is there to make the land after demolition a parking lot?
  4. How much work and cost are required to make the parking land after demolition a parking lot?

How do you use the land which was dismantled into one house?


Parking lot management said to be the largest inland utilization after dismantling also from the high diversion ability and low risk. I will explain along with What is the specific way to make a parking lot, and how much is the cost of construction, etc.?

Four merits of parking lot management


At first, I will explain from merit.

(1) Can be started even if the initial cost is low

If you are planning to run an apartment, it costs a lot of money to build. However, in the case of parking lot management, for example, in the case of the very end of the month, it is possible to start the business only by “padding gravel and reorganizing with ropes”.

In addition, the landowner can also receive a certain amount of compensation monthly, leaving the land to a specialized contractor, leaving everything such as maintenance, operation, and management.

(2) You can start without management knowledge and know-how

If you lend the land to a specialized company and leave the parking lot management, you will be able to substitute for everything from facilities, maintenance, sales, operation, and management, so start even if you do not have the knowledge and know-how for management I can.

(3) Conversion to other land utilization, sale of land, etc. is easy

Even if you want to use it for other land use or sell it on the way, you should generally ask for eviction by notifying the user about three months ago with a margin of about one month.

If it is a flat parking lot where the dismantling of a building does not occur in the sale, it can do easily.

(4) Risk is small

If you have built an apartment, it will be very difficult to easily divert it to other land use just because tenants cannot be found, as it will also cost dismantling expenses.

In the case of a parking lot, even if it fails, the initial cost is small, and since it can be diverted/sold immediately, it can be said that the risk is low.

Besides, even at deformation areas and narrow areas, it can be in the parking lot, that can be operated even when away from transportation such as station, made to inheritance tax measures also Parking is selected such that It seems to be a reason.

What kind of method is there to make the land after demolition a parking lot?


(1) The simplest monthly parking lot

It is the cheapest and easiest method to just lay the gravel and do the parcel maintenance with a rope.

You will be asked to get rid of soil preparation and gravel, etc., but you can do the installation of the rope yourself.

(2) Driveway paving company VA

In most cases, asphalt pavement or concrete pavement will be performed, and a settlement machine, a lock plate, a storage bar, etc. will be installed. You can get everything by simply lending the land to a Driveway paving company VA operator instead of an individual.

Type of parking lot:

Flat type: A very common type of parking lot.

Three-dimensional: If you make it three-dimensional, you can increase the capacity. Tower type and multistage type are also included.

Self-propelled type: A type in which self-propelled and stored in the garage as it is. There are both planes and 3D.

Mechanical type: A type that places a car in a garage with a machine, such as a multi-dimensional parking lot in a building.

There are many parking lots where asphalt and concrete pavements are used even if they are very monthly, and there are also management methods such as making some of the whole sites a month and making the rest asphalt paving company operated.

How much work and cost are required to make the land after demolition a parking lot?

It will be only a reference level as it differs slightly depending on the size and shape of the land, location and other conditions, but the price market will look like this.

In the case of unpaved and gravel land

20 to 50$ per square meter

It is not possible to use a parking lot just by making it land, so some cost will be required to make the ground able to withstand the weight of the vehicle after weeding and leveling.

It is thought that it will be roughly such cost when doing the digging, residual soil disposal, laying work, compaction work (to solidify the ground), etc.

Asphalt Paving

50 to 80 $ per square meter

As the asphalt is laid, it will be excavated a little deeper than in the case of unpaved, so it will cost and waste disposal cost. Asphalt paving costs are also considered to be roughly this kind of cost.

When paving concrete

80 TO 120 $ per one square meter

Concrete will be excavated deeper than asphalt, so it will cost you more and the cost of waste disposal.

Concrete is prone to cracking and so needs reinforcement with wire mesh etc., which may increase expenses, and also tends to increase the cost if it is to be diverted to another land use.

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Other necessary construction and expenses

In the case of unpaved and gravel land

It is 0.1 to 0.3 $ per rope 1m for section

3 to 5 $ per one peg which fixes a rope

You can ask the supplier, but you can reduce the cost if you buy at your own home improvement center.

In the case of asphalt pavement / concrete pavement

100 to 300 $ (including garage number) per division by white line

It is necessary to draw a white line to divide the space, and in some cases, to assign a garage number.

I think that it will often be a cost that collectively “five sets”, “ten sets”, etc., but it is thought that it will be roughly such costs when converted per one.

Common to all patterns

50 to 80 $ per car stop

7000 to 10,000 $ up to 4 m of the sidewalk cut down

You may want to look at this extra cost when installing a car stop block at the rear. In addition, there is no problem if the site directly faces the road, but if there is a sidewalk and the car cannot be inserted unless the step is eliminated, the sidewalk needs to be cut down.

In this case, approval of the road construction is required, so it seems that there are many cases where the asphalt paving contractor who has cleared the ground is asked as it is.

The above are general expenses.

The cost will differ greatly depending on the number of units, whether it is flat or three-dimensional, mechanical or self-propelled, etc., so please refer to a guide.

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