SEO article and blog writing is one of the best technique of social media management. With catchy content in our article, we can attract more audience toward our product or company. Professional writers and companies provide SEO article writing services which are very useful to the users. These tips increase the value of their article in a beautiful way.

Importance of SEO article: As we know, regular fresh content posting on your website is the best way to attract the audience. But a bunch of words posting on your blog is not enough to improve the SEO of your website. Content should be unique, eye-catching and useful. Content is the king of SEO. To improve SEO we should focus on the quality of our content.

If you are non-professional article writer, then follow these tips, which are used by the SEO article writing services providers and take the benefit of improved SEO of your website.

  1. Select your topic: The first and very important step in article writing is your article topic. You should have basic knowledge about your topic. If you know about it then it’s better, otherwise, you can take the help of search engine. Collect sufficient knowledge about your topic and proceed forward.
    • Make Article Structure in Your Mind: You should roughly have an idea about your topic. What points you are going to cover in it etc.
    • Use Small Paragraphs: To make your topic eye-catching, avoid lengthy paragraphs. Lengthy paragraphs look quite boring and most of the time the reader ignores the lengthy paragraphs. To make it eye-catching use small paragraphs instead of lengthy paragraphs.
    • Use Headings And Sub-Headings: Proper use of heading and subheading in the article improves the readability of the article. Readers also find it more easy to navigate through the article with the headings and sub-headings in the article. Make sure to use keywords in somewhere in the subheadings but don’t use them too frequently.
  1. Proceed with keyword research on your topic: Keyword researching is one of the important aspects of SEO strategy. You can use the keyword tool and keep the track of keyword searches by the people related to your topic. Google’s keyword planner tool is available free of cost with some features. If you want more features then you can use purchased keyword planner tools.
  2. Length of your article: Minimum 300 words length should be there from SEO point of view. Google likes lengthy articles but it should be useful and attractive. Because useless lengthy article may drag the reader from your blog.
  3. Write blogs regularly: Regular blogging on your website helps Google to find out that your website is alive. Don’t post a bunch of words on your website. Try to post high-quality content so that Google can crawl your content.
  4. Make sure uniqueness of your content: Uniqueness of the content is the most important aspect from Google crawler point of views. There are many free of cost website available on the internet, where you can check whether the content is plagiarized-free or not.
  5. Grammatical errors: Before posting your content, make sure that your content is grammatically correct.
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