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Kedarkantha: A Perfect Winter Trek for Beginners!!

Kedarkantha: A Perfect Winter Trek for Beginners!!


Being a crazy traveler, I always want to try some new adventure. As I traveled most of the places in India yet some of them are still unexplored by me. I decided to embark on an adventure trip and make winter memorable. I was looking for something easy and exciting. Then, I read about Kedarkantha trek which is also known as good for beginners, in the trekking world, I was a beginner. So, I decided to go on this adventure and booked my tour package with a good tour operator. Kedarkantha trek is one of the classic winter trek in the Himalayas. 


I started packing for my week-long trek and almost packed all the necessary stuff. You can read the things to carry section at the end of this blog. I booked my bus tickets from Jaipur to Dehradun. There are a lot of Volvo, AC overnight buses are available from Sindhi Camp bus stand. I read a novel for some time and then fell asleep.


Early morning I reached the beautiful and scenic city Dehradun. I had a cup of tea from a tea stall near the bus stand and move further to the meeting point. Everyone was waiting for me and other trek members, I met the trek leader and other trek members. Everyone was so excited about the trek like me 🙂  a long and scenic drive of 9-10 hours took us to the Sankri village, which is the basecamp of the trek. The drive was so beautiful with the entire views of the Doon valley, meandering hills, snow-capped peaks, and fresh chilly air. We all reached Sankri and stayed at Meraki homestay. The village was so beautiful and all covered with snow. Wooden houses, the smoke of chullahs and amazing surroundings were all someone needed for a village experience. 


The next day, the trek started from Sankri to Kedarkantha. Before starting my experience let me introduce Kedarkantha to you.

Kedarkantha is a high mountain peak perched at an altitude of 12,500ft above sea level in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. It is located in the laps of the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarakashi district. The peak is dedicated to Lord Shiva and an old temple of the Lord is situated at the top. Kedarkantha trek offers captivating views of the mighty 13 Himalayan peaks. 


The trek started and passed through so many quaint hamlets, dense forests of oaks and tall pine, ankle-deep snow, rocky mountains, gradual steep climbs, snow-capped mountains, along with the amazing chilly weather. Kedakantha trek comprises of 3 campsites. The first one is Juda ka Talab, which is nothing but twin lakes that are crystal clear and having fresh water. The lakes get frozen in winters and you will get a chance to walk over the frozen lake if you want. My camping experience near the lake was so great. Next, we further move and reached the second campsite which was all covered with deep snow and surrounded by snow-covered pine trees. Kedarkantha base was the best campsite of the trek. Staying in camps all surrounded by pristine white snow, and in drops down temperature will give you goosebumps.

The big day was here. Finally reached the Kedarkantha summit at 12,500ft. The views of the snow-capped peaks were mesmerizing. Catch the ravishing views of Nanda Ghunti, Swargarohini, Kalanag Peak, Bandarpunch, Yamunotri range, Gangotri, Jorkanden, Rupin Valley, and Har ki Doon valley. The uniqueness of the trek was one can also some beautiful creatures of mother nature like Himalayan birds and animals. The tranquil surroundings and spiritual aura of Kedarkantha had forced me to stay longer. But the same time reality hits you hard, you need to get down or trek back. 

A hard goodbye to the trek and excited to see the third last campsite of the trek. Hargaon campsite, another amazing and beautiful campsite of Kedarkantha trek. It was a great experience to stay there. Then we trek back to Sankri village and here the trip ends. 


My Kedarkantha trek experience was so good and unforgettable. I will never ever forget this classic snow trek for all my life. As a beginner, I’ve learned so many new trekking skills, experience of surviving and staying in the snow with the drops down the temperature.


Things to pack for Kedarkantha trek:

  • Woolen clothes
  • Thermal wear (top & bottom)
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Trekking shoes
  • Gumboots
  • First aid kit
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Swiss knife
  • Trouser or trek pants
  • T-shirts
  • Fleece jacket
  • Raincover and raincoat
  • Rucksack
  • Essential toiletries
  • Water purification tablets
  • Hand sanitizer


And whatever you feel is important to carry you can pack. Carry minimum weight of 10-12kg and travel light. Remember all the important points that you should know about the trek. Read blogs and articles to know about the place more. 

The best time to experience the chilly vibes of the trek is in the winter season. Dehradun is well-connected to all the major cities like Delhi. Take a direct flight, bus, or train from Delhi and reach Dehradun. Then take a taxi or local bus to reach Sankri 200km away from Dehradun.  


Plan a week-long trip and experience the goodness of mother nature. Spend some days in the laps of mighty Himalayas and make memories.

Live. Travel. Explore!!



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