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Is it really important to air out your sleeping bed mattress?

As the spring time approaches, most people get busy with spring cleaning, right? We try to clean each and every nook and corner of our house.

Open windows so that the fresh air comes inside our rooms, put our smelly shoes outside and even sweaters in the sun.

However, most of the times we tend to overlook spring cleaning our sleeping bed mattress on which we spend more than 8 hours every night.

Now, you must be certainly wondering why you shouldair out your sleeping bed mattress.Continue reading to know why it is important to air out a recently bought or old sleeping mattress.

When you purchase mattress online in Bangalore, usually you keep it in an airy space because of the fact that it is properly vacuum sealed and stored in a big cardboard container.

The reason why even the manufacturer of the mattress asks you to remove the plastic cover and allow the mattress to sit in open air for about half hour is that it inflates and fresh air should pass through it.

Our intention is not to make you understand why it is important to off-gas your newly purchases mattress.

When is it a good time to air out your mattress?

As per experts, it is always good to air out sleeping bed mattress approximately after every 3 months. It is always good to allow the material to breathe in the fresh and open air.  This way you will not only lengthen the lifespan of your newly purchased mattress online in Bangalorebut will also get desired support and comfort throughout the night time. This, in turn, will ensure sound sleep during the night time.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to allow your mattress to breathe out in the fresh air:

Step 1:

First of all, do ensure that you quite often remove the mattress protector and bed sheet off your mattress and allow it to breathe for some time. This way fresh air will pass through the mattress material and you will be able to get rid of the moisture that tends to sink in the mattress when you sleep. Besides, it even helps you to do away with the dust mites that make your mattress their home.

Step 2:

Always run vacuum cleaner on your sleeping mattress so as to get rid of the unwanted dust, hair, and other substances that sits on your mattress.

Step 3:

Always make sure that you move your sleeping mattress to site where there is a good flow of fresh air.  Otherwise, you can even take your mattress online Bangalore outside your house with some assistance. Let your sleeping mattress rest out for three to four hours in the sunlight.

In the bottom line

Just the way you spring clean your home and wash, dry, and properly pack your summer clothes, same way you need to spring clean your sleeping mattress so as to get uninterrupted sound sleep throughout the night time.


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