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Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

Everyone who has even a wee bit of interest in Astrology is aware about the concept of the birth chart, and the most talked about part of astrology is the Zodiac signs. Astrologers continuously write about what are the different types of astrology just to promote the value of birth chart on the astrological readings

Zodiac signs are no doubt the most glorified part of astrology which focuses on the fact that the day of birth classifies the individuals into 12 zodiac signs namely- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces. These zodiac signs help people in identifying the personality traits and love compatibility, but that’s not all about astrology and how it influences our lives. 

Astrological birth chart is an open book of cosmic projections that help individuals to gain knowledge about their natural inclinations and personalities. It allows them to get the hang of the strengths and weaknesses along with knowing about the road ahead. 

Astrology Birth Charts: Going beyond the bounds of Zodiac

There is no doubt in the belief that zodiac signs describe the basics of who we really are, but there is much more in the world of astrology that facilitates identifying the challenges and opportunities that we may have to face in our lives. The Birth chart, also known as natal charts show the exact positions of the celestial bodies in the sky at the time of your birth. The location of different planets helps in identifying the zodiac sign that it falls under, further generating the cosmic layout. 

The birth chart includes the Sun, the Moon, the ascendant and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto apart from other heavenly bodies. 

Interpreting a birth chart

The Building Blocks of Astrology Birth Charts

A birth chart can be seen as a chessboard where planets form the pieces of the game. Using different types of astrology to get an accurately prepared birth chart can aid in understanding the key elements of your universal master plan and what they actually mean for you. 

A birth chart is based on the positioning of the 3 key elements-

  • The Sun: Determines the Sun Sign which gives the crux of your identity.
  • The Moon: Determines the Moon Sign which identifies your emotional side. 
  • The Ascendant: Determines the Rising Sign to indicate what you can become.  

These three form a crucial part of your chart as they largely determine your astrological maquillage. Every planet plays its key role in your life map and their relationship to each other decides the road you walk in your life. 

The Signs, Planets and Houses

All the planets, the Sun, the Moon and your Ascendant in all of the different types of astrology can be linked with different zodiac signs and fall into a specific house. The houses in the birth chart play different roles in your cosmic layout and learning about which house the different mystical elements fall into can provide a large amount of knowledge about yourself and your life path. 

The Signs and Ruling Planets

What’s your personality type based on your sign

Every sign is ruled by a planet which lends them their universal qualities which define the personality of the bearer. 

The Sign Ruling Planet Universal Qualities
Aries Mars The Warrior
Taurus Venus The Manifester
Gemini Mercury The Communicator
Cancer Moon The Mother
Leo Sun The Performer
Virgo Mercury The Worker
Libra Venus The Diplomat
Scorpio Mars The Seeker
Sagittarius Jupiter The Explorer
Capricorn Saturn The Father
Aquarius Saturn The Reformer
Pisces Jupiter The Dreamer

The Houses

The 12 Houses and their influence of your life

The cosmic blueprint is divided into 12 houses that form the layout of the birth chart and the planets and signs keep moving through different houses. Every astrological house impacts distinct areas of  your lives. 

House Major area of Influence Affected parts 
First Self Awareness Physical appearance and personality
Second Personal resources Possessions, money, skills
Third Immediate Environment Siblings, learning, communication
Fourth Inner World Parents, home,inner wisdom and security
Fifth Personal Creativity Romance, children
Sixth Daily Life Work, education, health
Seventh Awareness of Others Partnerships,love relations and marriage
Eighth Shared Resources Shared property, death, sex
Ninth Expanded Horizons Travel, higher education, religion
Tenth Outer World Status, Career, power
Eleventh Group contribution Aspirations and goals, Friends and family
Twelvth Spirituality Solitude, fulfillment, self-sabotage


The Planets

Symbolism of planets

The position of planets and signs in different houses at the time of their birth is used to prepare an individual’s birth chart. Every planet’s specific qualities and the way they operate is deeply influenced by the zodiac sign associated with that planet. The combination of planets and zodiac defines a person’s outlook to the world and the house in which they are manifested defines how the individual’s powers are being utilized. The planets in the houses describe the complete scope of our involvement and the implications of our identity.

Planets Symbolism
The Sun Creative Potential
The Moon Nurturing nature
Mercury Analysis and Networking
Venus Love and Appreciation
Mars Aspirations and sexuality
Jupiter Soul searching
Saturn Limitations and boundaries
Chiron Mentoring and healing

Awakening and illumination

This part of Astrology may be deemed as boring by people who read zodiac signs for fun but it’s actually very interesting and deep-rooted. Understanding the positions of the heavenly bodies in your chart can be typical but a knowledgeable guide can simplify this process. 

The Combination of the planets and signs in different houses facilitate preparing your birth chart reading which is used for predicting major life events and the overall structure of your life. Tarot life- a tarot reading and astrology app provides birth chart preparation and accurate timeline reports along with love compatibility. Download Now


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