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International Versions of Websites

As companies go global and websites are becoming more and more important to a company, the need for more than one version of a website has become the norm especially now that catering to the needs of the local population has become an important part of doing business.

As an SEO, you still want to provide a search engine friendly website that still reflects what the company or site is all about while also at the same time addressing the needs of the local population. You have to provide content that is appealing to your target market. You have to think of all that, plus think of ways to make the site visible in search engine searches. There are a lot of factors to consider.

URL – there are many methods you can consider when deciding on what will work best for your client, especially when deciding upon the correct URL for the site. You may want to use a subdomain (uk.sample.com), which would then maintain the metrics of the root domain, and people will easily recognize it as a branch of the ufabet เว็บหลัก. However, a downside to it is that users may link to the main site as oppose to the country site generally out of habit. You may also want to do something like [http://www.sample.co.uk], which looks and feels more intuitive to the user, and it is obvious that it is the corresponding UK site of the main site. The downside for this one is that the content for the .uk site may be worlds different from the, say, .de site or the .es site, which in turn would mean they would not have the benefits of inbound links.

Google Webmaster – one of the many wonders of Google Webmaster Tools is that you can simply sign up, verify your website, and you could opt to target your website to a specific geographic area without so much hassle. Not all countries are available, though, but if yours is, this will help further your efforts in reaching a target audience.

Language – having the option to have, say, a French, German, or Spanish version of a site is one great way to hook your target market. The problem here, meanwhile, lies in that similarities and differences among countries with basically the same language (case in point, Spain Spanish and Latin America Spanish; or even the differences in UK English and American English) are not addressed as well and result in duplicate content (which would mean the sites will not fare very well in search engine results and rankings).

Now, for the lazy and do not really want to think through options, I bring you something from SEOMoz:



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