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Importance of Having First Aid Supplies on Hand

Whether you are at your home, office or traveling in your car, having first aid supplies is a must. Accidents can occur anywhere and everywhere. You can never predict an accident in advance and the damage it can do. From minor scraps to serious bone breaks, burns, or multiple injuries existing in today’s fast paced world demands essential first aid supplies on hand no matter where you are. It will allow you to provide first response aid until medical help arrives.

Most of us do not think about having first aid supplies until some medical emergency occurs. It is usually after an unpleasant medical accident when people are waiting for the medical help to arrive, the thought of having first aid supplies on hand occurs. In case of advanced planning, you can provide first aid for a wide range of injuries ranging from a simple cut, scratch, minor burn, sprains, infections, to fractured bones.

When we say first aid supplies on hand, it need not have to be a full first aid supplies. Just few basic essential items are sufficient to provide temporary relief from a large number of common first aid situations. If you have a first aid kit at home, office, or whether you keep one in your car, make sure to stock them with a plenty of basic essentials so that you can help yourselves as well as others in need in case of sudden accidents.

Minor cuts and scraps are two most common types of injuries that an average human suffer from. However, even a minor scrap can become fatal if it becomes infected and can result in a series of other problems. Therefore, bandages and antiseptic wipes are two most important first aid supply items that one should have in his first aid kit. If you have both these items, you can provide immediate relief for minor or major wounds. Before applying bandage, make sure you clean the wound properly with the antiseptic wipes.

If you have an accident victim in front of you, who have sustain breaks, bruises or sprains, then he/she may be suffering from swelling and pain. In such cases a good idea is to have cold or hot pack compressors that can be applied on broken bone to offer relief from pain.

Lastly and most importantly make sure that you have first aid kit ready at home, office cabinet as well as your car to get help from a wide variety of unpleasant medical conditions. With essential first aid supplies, you can offer temporary first response, which can make big difference and sometimes even act as a life saving factor.



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