Cleanliness they said is godliness, the importance of cleanliness in our day to day activities cannot be overlooked. In fact, cleanliness has been a major barrier to the building up of diseases, illness, and germ in our body and the society and large.
Every religion places great emphasis on cleanliness, in Islam and Christian both beliefs the physical and spiritual cleanliness must be performed.

The word cleanliness means a different thing for different people, for instance, some people believe that the cleanliness involves only taking our baths, washing our teeth and clean of their environment while other belief a thorough cleaning of the body and the environment. Even to other people, they believe that the cleaning of the environment is a form a punishment thereby relating cleanliness to chores that they are forced to do.

Parent and teacher should be encouraged to find alternative ways of teaching kids the importance and benefits of cleanliness and they should be able to participate when next you are cleaning your house or school.

Why you should clean your body and environment

Prevent germ and infection – One of the most reason for the buildup of germs and infection is our body and environment is the presence of dirt in our body and environment. This is because germs like bacteria, virus, and fungi thrive when there is dirt. An example could be the formation of acne that is caused by bacteria, dirt, and oil clogging the skin pores.
Prevent pest infestations – Cleaning your house regularly would prevent pest from building up in your environment. This is an effective way of controlling pest infestation in our house without spending a huge sum of money to remove them. Empty your trash can regularly, cleaning your gutter and cleaning of use plate are examples of step that you should take when you don’t want pest like rats, cockroach, mice, and mosquito from your home.
Clean bill of health – Keeping your house and environment would prevent disease and illness from happening you and your family. This is because carrier of diseases or pathogen does not thrive in a clean place.
Prevent irritant and allergen – Allergen and irritant are substance on contact with the body that causes allergy, though the allergy can be severe and painful with regular cleaning, your home will be free from irritant and allergen.
It is easier to do – Regularly cleaning of our body and environment are easier to do. When you spend few minutes maintaining your clean environment every day, you will never have to spend hours cleaning a dirt environment. Thereby reducing the stress give you free time to do other stuff at home.
It is cheaper to do – Imagine the money you spent getting rid of pest from your home, going to the hospital for drugs and injection in order to treat illness and killing of germs in your home could be used for useful stuff like going on vacation at a resort hotel. Yes, it is possible this is because cleaning of your body and environment would have prevented the buildup of pest, germ and you getting sick in the first thereby leaving you with plenty money.
Your house and body will be clean – This is the main reason why you should clean your house to remove dirt, old worm equipment, and dirt. This gives you a clean and organized place that you can invite your friends and family to visit and they would because the place is clean.
You won’t need to replace your stuff regularly – Regular cleaning of your house would make your equipment and material to last longer.
Tips to clean your house and environment
Make your bed after you get out of it
Wash your dishes right after eating, load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and filled the sink with soap and water
When you spill your food or drinks, clean it right away
Open your window to allow sunlight to enter your room
Always cover your food
Empty your trash can when they are full
Clean your toilet regularly by applying baking soda
Vacuum your floor regularly

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