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Hydras As a Problem in Aquariums

Hydras are savage and have stinging cells. They will contend with fish for live food. In spite of the fact that they are too little to even think about eating grown-up fish, I keep thinking about whether they stress more modest fish like the Neon Tetra by stinging them when they unintentionally contact the hydras.

Another issue is just that a few people don’t care for their appearance.

In any case, the most serious issue accompanies invasions in rearing tanks when individuals are attempting to raise egg laying fish. The hydras eat the live food put into the tank for the infant fish; duplicate rapidly and eat the infant fish.

There are a few different ways proposed to dispose of Hydra pervasions. The greater part of these ways would positively murder child fish, and there are none that I would view as being protected with them. So in the event that you expect hydras will be an issue, you ought to dispose of them from your rearing tank prior to reproducing.

Methods of Removing Hydra


In a typical aquarium, the manner in which I like best is to utilize fish that eat them. The most widely recognized one utilized is the Blue Gourami.


A temperature of 41 degrees C (106 degrees F) for three days will obviously kill hydra. It will likewise slaughter virtually a wide range of fish, so these would should be eliminated. A few plants will endure this warmth treatment.

Synthetic compounds

Normally things like Chlorine fade will execute гидра онион just as most different things. This can be utilized for cleaning non living things like shakes, and has even been utilized effectively for devastating vermin and sicknesses in entire aquariums. Obviously it will murder any plants and fish. Significant exertion is expected to guarantee that there is no buildup left prior to living things are once again introduced.

Aside from such exceptional synthetic substances there are a number that can be utilized with fish, yet not with outright security.

Copper can be utilized, yet keeping up the right level is troublesome in a freshwater aquarium. Additionally a few investigations propose that many fish are more powerless to copper than Hydra.

Formaldehyde at 3 drops for each US Gallon seems to murder a large portion of the hydra without slaughtering fish. Anyway it probably won’t slaughter every one of them with one portion. Note that formaldehyde will bring down the pH of the water as it corrupts into formic corrosive. The pH would should be watched and changed varying.

Flubendazole is an anthelmintic medication. It will dispose of some inside parasites of fish just as Hydra, yuck (White spot), velvet and gill accidents. It is perhaps the most secure of the synthetic substances that will dispose of Hydra. A manual for the dose required is 1/2 gram of 10% Flubendazole per 20 liters (5 US gallons)

With any compound, recollect that the various kinds of fish are probably going to have various resiliences, and the various types of Hydra may likewise fluctuate extensively in their susceptibilities to the synthetic.

It is likewise worth thinking about whether you really need to dispose of hydra from your aquarium. Ordinary support; not permitting your aquarium to get grimy, will assist with forestalling a huge development of Hydra.


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