Heera which is very much commonly known as diamond all over the world is a stone which belongs to the planet of Venus.  In fact, when one consults the Hindu astrology the planet Venus is considered to be the most beautiful and shining planet in the entire solar system.

When one consults the astrologers, it is mostly said that people who have sun signs of Taurus, Aries and Libra must wear heera stone to get a better course in their life. Also if one is suffering from Antardasha or Mahadasha then they must wear a diamond.

One must remember that one should wear an original diamond when it comes to astrological purposes. One must see that whether the stone is reflecting lights of rainbows and have 8 facets without any lines and dots and that will prove its authenticity. In case if the stone is blemished or damaged then it can cause great harm to the wearer. It can affect some crucial things like wealth, romantic partnership, comforts and some monetary matters as well. If one wears a diamond it not only reflects the outer beauty but the inner beauty as well. This stone actually symbolizes the loveliness and liveliness of one’s nature and this also strengthen the will power and health condition of the wearer. This stone is mainly worn to get back the general luck and this makes the family circle and social circle of the wearer better.  According to astrological studies, if one wears diamond then it can bring some prosperity in one’s life and makes one a wiser person.

This stone is mainly found in areas like Brazil, India, Angola, Russia, Belgium and Venezuela. As it has been mentioned earlier that diamond is stone which improve the position and traits of Venus. One can thus buy heera stone and wear them and according to astrology if the stone suits them then one can increase their concentration and try their luck in creative fields as well. Diamond stone brings a lot of modesty and sincerity in an individual and it can also prevent some major disturbances in married life. It is said that an afflicted Venus position in one’s birth chart can lead to separation in love life, divorce in marriage and some financial losses too. But wearing a diamond can prevent them.  In case of women, wearing this stone can prevent any kind of suffering from breasts, ovaries, kidney problems and obesity related issues.

Once one wears a diamond they will feel a boost to their confidence. They will reflect positivity and will also remove any kind of fearful thoughts. One must go for unblemished diamond stones to get the best effects. They will not only help one to fight many health issues and cure them but will also help one to prevent diseases like skin blemishes and urine problems. An astrologer can guide one on how many carat of this stone should be worn because this can differ from one person to another depending on their position of Venus.

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