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How to Update Your Furniture for Less

Getting all new furniture can be an expensive hassle, but sometimes you need more than just a new look, you need updated form and function. There are some inexpensive things that you can do to your existing pieces to fix them up to both work better and fit better with your aesthetic. For instance, you can replace ripped upholstery and worn cushions with a trip to the fabric store and some elbow grease.

Roll with It                      

Some furniture items are just not functioning anymore as they were originally intended and that can create clutter or chaos in your home. You can add a heavy duty swivel caster to many different pieces of furniture to change the function or just make it easier to move around. One example of this is a decorative trunk in your room. This is a good storage item, but with a couple of casters and an inexpensive breakfast tray, you can also turn it into a functional coffee or end table.

Add To It

Adding to older or broken items can also be a good way to update their form and function. For instance, your bookcase shelves have broken beyond repair, but the shell is still in good shape. You can either repair the bookcase or get a new one, or you can do both. If the bookcase is small enough then you can reinforce the back of it with plywood, add casters, and lay it down for a coffee table. You can even put thick cushions in it for a padded ottoman or a piece of glass over it for a top and display books or décor items inside of it.

Splash It With Color

Sometimes all your furniture really needs to be updated is a bit of fresh color. When you update a whole room, the cheapest and easiest renovation you can do is to paint the walls, the same holds with your furniture. You can change the upholstery fabric, repair and re-stain wood trim, or even add a new decorative piece to couches, ottomans and even end tables. You can even add a new throw pillow or two for a pop of something different.

Sometimes the smallest improvements make the biggest differences and makes it easier to update your furniture without breaking the budget. A new pop of color, some casters and the addition of personal style can be all you need to completely transform your space and the furniture in it.




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