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How to study for indirect tax mcq’s

  • Indirect tax laws are wider in itself and there are many amendments also regarding this so students must be aware from these
  • Even mcq’s may also be based on amendments so it is necessary to have knowledge about all the amendments.
  • There are many sections in CGST/SGST/UTGST/IGSTActso you must have knowledge about all the sections because mcq’s may also be based upon the sections.
  • Students must have knowledge regarding the rates of GST which are applicable on different goods and services.
  • Mcq’s may be asked on the exemption limit of GST and also on exempted goods and services.
  • Your concepts on place of supply, time of supply and value of supply is stronger enough that you can easily attempt the mcq’s
  • Input tax credit is a wider concept in itself ,many mcq’s may be come from ITC so prepare it well.
  • At this time if you have practical knowledge regarding all GST then you will get good marks in mcq’s because it may be possible that examiner has a lot of practical knowledge and he put mcq’s accordingly and if student has no practical knowledge then it will be difficult to score good in mcq’s.
  • There is a need to do cramming all the penalties of all offences because mcq’s may be based on to tell the penalty of a particular offence.
  • Students must have a knowledge about all the custom act because there are many topics like valuation under the customs act 1962,import export procedure etc.on which an examiner may ask some mcq’s
  • Proper knowledge regarding foreign trade policy is also necessary for scoring good marks.
  • Students have to study each and every chapter of entire syllabus for scoring good in mcq’s
  • Mostly students are confused with which book should they follow for studying mcq ,so refer only one book , it is must to revise your study material properly.

Don’t be stressed regarding mcq because mcq’s are comes from your syllabus so do hard work ,revise all the chapters deeply ,understand each and every line properly ,surely you will get good marks.

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