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How to find out where the truffle grows

How to find out where the truffle grows

Truffles are one of the most expensive foods in the world, and anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing them remains fascinated by their taste. These underground mushrooms have neither root nor stem, but grow well around the roots of the trees. The discovery and digging of the valuable sponge is done by specially trained dogs that smell and pull the truffle without harming it.

Truffles are to be found in rare forests where oak and hornbeam dominate. Still under wild chestnut, pine, lime, white birch. Experienced connoisseurs are finding a very interesting sign of where to find ripe truffle – it forms a circular stain around the trunk of the tree. There the grass is almost dry and is very thin. Truffles are often found around the roots of shrubs – mostly hippie and juniper.

Another important landmark is a swarm of flies or insects that are close to the tree. If you see a place of wild pigs, this should also make you think truffles are here. Pigs successfully smell their smell and also love to eat the expensive truffle. In our country it is believed that the largest quantities are in Sredna Gora, Sakar, In front of the Balkan and some hilly places with altitude up to 600-700 m. truffle hunt deals about 10-15 thousand people.

The areas rich in black truffle are the regions of Razgrad, Shumen and Targovishte, because the soil and the vegetation there are more favorable. After the first warm rains in the middle of May to the end of October, the black truffle truffles. Here in Bulgaria are large specimens up to 700 grams. Summer truffles are irregular in shape, their black envelope is heavily grooved, with large warts. When cut inside is whitish with marble patterns. Fresh in a refrigerator of 0-4 degrees, with good ventilation.

They can be frozen at -18-20 degrees. Their flavor is weaker than that of winter truffles. However, they are an extraordinary delicacy and the interest in them is enormous.

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