How to Design Custom T Shirts

When you’re ready to design your own custom t-shirts, the first thing you’ll need is an idea. If you want to create a shirt for a team or club, try researching the history of that group and what makes it unique. If you want to advertise for your small business, think about how your products or services can fit into the lives of others. Once you know what kind of design will work best for your project, it’s time to start gathering materials!

Start with an idea

In order to design a t shirt printing Malaysia, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for. There are many different ways that you can go about designing your own custom t-shirts.

If you’re looking for something specific and unique, then it might be best to begin with a theme in mind. For example, if there’s an event coming up that you want people at the party or convention or whatever else it is that you’re attending dressed up in shirts related to this occasion.

Find the right product

Now that you know more about what custom t shirts can do for your business, it’s time to find a supplier. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there! The first thing to consider is finding a supplier with a good reputation. This means they will have been around for several years and have satisfied many customers in the past.

Use high quality images

Nothing will ruin your custom t shirt printing faster than poor quality images. This can be avoided by using high quality photos, good lighting, and a high-resolution camera.

Avoid using the flash when taking photos for your custom shirts. The flash can cause shadows and make it hard to see details in the image. If you’re not sure what kind of lighting you need for your photo shoot, ask someone who knows about photography or check out some tutorials online.

Find the right fabric

A good rule of thumb is that cotton blends are more versatile than 100% cotton in terms of how they can be worn and washed. Cotton twills feel smoother than oxford cloths but aren’t quite as soft or thick. Single jersey knits offer a higher thread count than double jerseys (often referred to as super single knits) do but don’t stretch quite as much when wetted out during washing cycles. However, they’re still considered wearable year-round because they don’t shrink too much if washed on cold settings only (see our guide on washing t-shirts).


The design process for custom T-shirts is not difficult, but it does require a few steps in order to make sure that you end up with the design that you want. The most important thing is to start with an idea of what kind of image or message you want on your shirt and then find the right software program and product to use. You need high quality images that will translate well onto fabric, so be sure to check out options like Canva before starting any project!